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On Zadar's Waterfront Renaissance: Next Redevelopment Phase Underway in Time for Summer 2024 Albert Anthony

On Zadar's Waterfront Renaissance: Next Redevelopment Phase Underway in Time for Summer 2024

Written by  Albert Anthony Jan 18, 2024

This week was the anniversary of the international recognition of the Republic of Croatia as an independent country, and to symbolically celebrate this week one of our local correspondents in Zadar, business columnist Albert Anthony, sent in his photos from Friday's official visit to the Zadar waterfront to join city leaders and members of the local media in touring the next phase of a multi-million Euro waterfront redevelopment project in the heart of the coastal Dalmatia region.

"After hearing from project leaders as well as city officials, and touring the current phase of waterfront redevelopment on Zadar's 'riva', a promenade with roots going back to the 19th century, it appears the focus is to increase the amount of viable greenspace and proper walkways as well as bicycle paths, but also to implement an underground watering system with a goal of keeping the greenspace hydrated all year even in dry summer months.

As someone from the Croatian diaspora who has in recent years experienced all the recreation Zadar offers as a city by the sea, along with the hundreds of international visitors and new residents I have meet along the way here, I look forward to what this waterfront will look like in summer 2024 only months away as a key spot for all-year outdoor recreation, since in my personal opinion health & wellness should be an integral part of life in all of Croatia's coastal cities from Zadar all the way to Dubrovnik, with an eye towards having one of the healthiest & fit regions in Europe," Albert Anthony remarked.

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Zadar Riva - (photo source: Albert Anthony original photography)

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Albert Anthony (left) tours new concrete for walkway. Photo source: Grad Zadar - City of Zadar official govt website


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Riva - future look - (photo source: Grad Zadar / City of Zadar official govt website)

About the author: Albert Anthony is a business columnist for a global financial portal and also a voluntary contributor to Croatian news portals in English. He is Croatian-American with roots in both the US and the Zadar region, and often highlights the many regional events he attends on his YouTube channel. He is also a former member of the executive committee of the Croatian New Yorker Club and the digital committee of the National Federation of Croatian Americans (NFCA) non-profit organization.

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