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Embracing Kindred Spirits: Exploring the Charms  of Anne of Green Gables Alejandra Gotóo

Embracing Kindred Spirits: Exploring the Charms of Anne of Green Gables

Written by  Alejandra Gotóo Jan 15, 2024

Embarking on the literary adventure of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series, I found myself drawn to the enchanting world that unfolded through the pages. If you are a curious reader, you would like to know that you can scroll through the original manuscript. The Netflix series adaptation ignited the initial spark for this journey, demonstrating the platform's delightful role as a gateway to the captivating realms crafted by renowned authors.

This visual introduction provided by the Netflix series paved the way for a literary exploration filled with delightful discoveries. Anne's story, woven with vivid imagery and profound characters, beckoned me to delve deeper into the source material. This experience is a testament to classic novels' enduring appeal, showcasing their ability to captivate audiences across different mediums. As I continued to navigate the pages of Anne's adventures, I eagerly anticipated uncovering more intricacies, themes, and moments that resonated with my own life, interests, and passions. It came as no surprise to discover the love for Anne in Japan, where, to date, there are a plethora of publications inspired by her author. Could you imagine Anne as an anime? Well! There is more than one for you to watch!

Vibrant imagination 

Anne Shirley, the protagonist, quickly became a literary companion with her remarkable blend of sensitivity and intelligence. Her vibrant imagination, unapologetically displayed, serves as a refreshing departure from conventional expectations. A particular highlight from the first book is her endearing relationship with Matthew Cuthbert. Matthew's unexpected paternal role and Anne's genuine appreciation create a touching narrative thread that adds a layer of warmth to the tale. Their friendship bears witness to trust and camaraderie.

A recurring motif caught my attention within the narrative—the dichotomy between kindred spirits or the "race of Noah" and the rest of the world. Although I may not entirely resonate with this division, it mirrors a deeply human inclination to define oneself in relation to or in contrast to others. This thematic exploration adds a layer of complexity to Anne's world, encouraging readers to contemplate the intricacies of human connections and the quest for understanding in a diverse and varied society.

Last book in series 

Rilla of Ingleside, the last book in the series, introduces the First World War. Despite my initial hesitation to delve into fiction about war, I couldn't resist following Anne through this tumultuous period. Montgomery's vivid descriptions and moods create a unique reading experience. I won't spoil the plot – go ahead and read it for yourself.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series is a must-read for readers of all ages and genders. I wholeheartedly recommend this literary journey, as it allows readers to develop a profound relationship with Anne—a character who embodies loveliness, cleverness, and intelligence. While my curiosity yearned for more insight into Anne's professional pursuits, her choices echo with courage, especially considering the societal constraints faced by women in the historical context of the narrative. Embrace the kindred spirits within the pages and let the magic of Anne's world enchant you!


Alejandra Gotóo (Mexico City, 1991) writes to explain herself the world where she inhabits. Her work has been published in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Croatia. She holds a master's degree in Social Anthropology and a bachelor's degree in English Literature. Nowadays, she is a columnist in Dubrovnik Times. She has two published novels, Ruptura and Isadore or Absolute Love. Her topics of interest include nature, adventure, language, books, food, culture, animals, conservation, and women's rights. She also writes in her blog: Cardinal Humours.

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