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Albert Anthony in Port of Zadar Albert Anthony in Port of Zadar

How One American Celebrates First Day of Spring on the Croatian Coast? Coffee Monday at the local McCafe!

Written by  Albert Anthony Mar 20, 2023

This Monday March 20th is the official First Day of Spring, and the abundant sunshine this weekend in the city of Zadar must have been the hint! However, this spring brings with it a period of increased inflation & recent economic turbulence, and the Croatian coast is not immune to monetary cycles.

For one American, Albert Anthony, who also is a part-time columnist for global financial news portal Investing.com, and has family roots in the Dalmatia region, he asked the question: where can visitors & locals get the best coffee deal to celebrate the first day of spring?

The answer came from no other than an American brand, McDonalds, who offer Coffee Mondays every Monday where customers all day can get a cappuccino, macchiato, or small coffee, each for just 1 Euro!

"As an American with Dalmatian roots, I found it interesting to see certain American fast food brands like McDonalds & KFC popping up around Zadar. I researched the McDonald's website & app, & turns out they have coffee for just 1 euro every Monday," Albert Anthony quips. "As someone who writes for a financial website about markets & technology, and have been following the inflationary trends lately, I can appreciate that there are economical deals like this on a must-have item in Dalmatian culture, the daily coffee!"

Coffee as a Way of Life & Business

Albert Anthony recently showcased Coffee Mondays in Zadar on his YouTube channel, and has already sampled the many well-known local cafes in Zadar for years, now adding the McCafe to his list. He expects it to be increasingly busy as we approach the new tourist season very soon.

"I first want to reiterate that KFC & McDonalds are not the only fast food brands in the US, and not representative of the entire array of food chains we grew up with in America. We also have Texas-based burger chain Whataburger, known for its huge burgers made to order. Keep in mind also that McDonalds locations in Croatia, which are in multiple cities along the coast & growing, are actually franchises so the actual local management company is a Croatian one, and the staff is all local," Albert Anthony says. "The important thing when looking for great coffee is whether they put focus on the client first in terms of service, whether they produce a quality product, & whether the location is convenient. As someone who worked in the real economy but also studies topics of leadership, this comes down to good management. The right management is crucial in setting the team culture. As someone with Croatian heritage, I know that coffee is not just a product but an entire experience."

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Photo source: author personal collection. McCafe in Zadar)

Growth of Cafe Culture in America

The young business writer from the US has seen the emergence of cafe culture in America in the last decade, and shares with us his perspective as someone with roots in coastal Croatia.

"Ironically, the cafe culture in the US uses words that originated from southern Europe like macchiato, latte, & cappucino," he remarks. "We have everything from massive chains like Starbucks to more traditional Dunkin Donuts, as well as the emergence of so-called 'hipster' artisan coffee shops, especially in big cities like New York, Austin, and elsewhere, where the coffee order becomes an entire artisan experience! However, it is historical fact, which you can confirm via Google research, that coffee was first brought to the western world thanks to Venetian merchants many centuries ago. What is considered hip & trendy today in American coffee houses was actually already a trend during the era when Venice was a powerful trading port & republic, and encompassed a large part of today's Croatian coast. It was a Venetian doctor & botanist from the 1600s, Prospero Alpini, who discovered coffee in the middle east & brought it back."

With Spring in the Air, Summer on the Coast is Around the Corner.

For this American with roots on the Dalmatian coastal region, he remarks on what he sees as an increased internationalization of the entire region, as cities like Zadar, Split, & Dubrovnik, among others, are no longer just a summertime spot but increasingly a year-round destination & place to do business too.

"Many of my Croatian American relatives & acquaintances were excited about the seasonal direct flights from the US to Dubrovnik that launched in recent years. In fact, I watched the first one touching down in Dubrovnik, shown on YouTube. I certainly would like to see more direct flights from the US especially to Split & Zadar as they are strategic cities on the coast, particularly if there were to be built a hi-speed rail link between the cities eventually," Albert Anthony reiterates. "I am seeing the increased internationalization of cities like Zadar, and meeting people that visit here from all over the world! The McCafe has become a popular destination for both internationals & locals, so I look forward to it being only a matter of time before someone also opens up a proper fish & chips chop and curry takeway here in town, which I have not seen much of. With the crisp, warm sea air blowing in this weekend, & the sight of seagulls overhead, sometimes you are in the mood for a good English style chippy shop!"


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The author was born Albert Anthony Bozulic in the New York City area, and writes under pen name Albert Anthony both for Amazon and as a contributor for Investing.com. His new book in 2023 is Leadership & Management: 5 Steps to Increase Productivity. In addition, he is a Udemy instructor, hosts a YouTube channel and has been featured in US media like TimeOut magazine and NJ.com, as well as Croatian media like Dalmatian Portal

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