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Age is only a number Age is only a number Gillie Sutherland

It’s not about age, it’s about energy - 50 is the new 40

Written by  Gillie Sutherland Jan 30, 2023

I’m writing on this day, a milestone, the last day of my 40s, and I have not one negative thought around that.

We’ve just watched the amazing Novak Djokovic win the men’s singles in the Australian Open for a record-breaking 10th time.

His Grand Slam titles now tot up to an incredible 22; this fact, coupled with many other accolades, making him the GOAT - the greatest of all time.

Novak is probably the best athlete in the world at the moment, one of the healthiest and fittest specimens we have ever seen, and yet he has been at the centre of much controversy due to his personal medical and choices.

In spite of all this, and the tournaments he missed due to political circumstances, he is now sitting at number one seed in the world.

What no one can argue with is that he is a sensation at the ripe old tennis age of 35.

Of course I love him for the fact he’s a yogi (amongst other reasons), and if you’ve watched him play, you can’t help but wonder how he does it - his agility, mobility, reflexes, power, plyometric strength, and the mindset of a warrior.

novak wins tennis final

Celebrating his win - Photo Gillie Sutherland 

As a movement specialist and amateur spots psychologist, it is a dream to watch.

And today his words are in my head.

Being interviewed after one of his straight-set wins, he was asked the question:

“Does it give you extra motivation against the young ones?”.

His answer was pure class, and comedy.

“What do you mean “the young ones”?. 35 is the new 25.

After seeing off his rival Stefan Tsitsipas today in the final, again in straight sets, without ever looking physically challenged, I think we can safely say he is walking his talk.

It’s not about age, it’s about energy, and this inspires me to keep strong, healthy and happy as long as I can, and defy my own age.

Does it mean 50 is the new 40?

I don’t even feel 40 to be honest. It feels like I’m going backwards. My age is irrelevant. As I worry less about what people think, I have this sense of freedom I didn’t have before which makes me more playful, adventurous and dare I say, youthful.

Getting in the freezing cold sea after watching Novak’s win is a major part of this latest chapter of my life.

I know it’s one of the things I can do to keep myself well, mentally and physically, and in particular, it works to strengthen my immune system. Having managed to stay well all winter so far (and I’m certain this will continue), I’m just keeping on doing what I’ve been doing, because it’s working.

As for my age, turning 50 tomorrow, I am embracing it, for I intend to stay forever, but with the freedom that only comes from getting a little older and more resilient.

So roll on the 50s, I’m coming for you!!

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Gillie Sutherland grew up in the Lake District on the border between England and Scotland, but has now made Croatia her home. As well having her own online yoga and well-being business, Gillie plays an active role in the International Community here in Croatia, running events, activities and holidays. She is passionate about nature, wellness and adventure, swimming in the sea all year round and spending weekends hiking.

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