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When you’re laughing with people you love it’s like a booster dose

Written by  Jan 03, 2022

What are you most looking for to in 2022? Are you a person who makes New Year's resolutions only to break them by the middle of January? And what we can as a society look forward to as we hang up a new calendar on the wall?

I'm naturally a glass half full kind of guy. I’ll bend over backwards to find the good in people or in a situation. It just seems too much hard work to be pessimistic the whole time. So when I think of a New Year it’s all about a fresh start and a time to be crazily optimistic. Let's get out those rose-tinted glasses and celebrate.

Again this time isn’t an Englishman in Dubrovnik column, but an Englishman in England one. Yes, I (finally) made it home for the festive season. Although it was almost a case of so close but yet so far as a paperwork problem at the Channel Tunnel meant we spent an extra night on the French coast. Yes, the English and French love bureaucracy almost as much as the Croatians do (almost). But there are worst places to be stuck I guess.

And as we sped under the English Channel or La Manche (yes, we can’t even agree on that) it felt like a physical connection that was supposed to bring us closer together has somewhat failed.

I haven’t been on my island home for a couple of years, but honestly nothing much has changed really. The countryside is just as green, the roads are just as bad and the weather is just as unpredictable. The huge family Christmas involved all the traditional classics, such as overeating, drinking, singing and laughing, there has been a lot of laughter this year, which probably everyone needed.

Laughter cures all ills, and when you’re laughing with people you love it’s like a booster dose.

When you don’t see your family for so long it’s amazing how you just seem to pick up topics and themes that you talked about the last time you all met and just carry on, almost as like you live together.

We didn’t go overboard with the presents, which was a relief to all, but we went absolutely overboard with the smiles. Tears of joy ran down our cheeks. And this injection of positive family energy recharged me ahead of Hogmanay, as the Scottish call New Year’s Eve.

We’ve all, and when I say all I do really mean the whole of mankind, just had two very challenging years. Two years that nobody expected, but at the same time two years that should make us more resolute and stronger. I know it has certainly had that motivational effect on me. And it’s always more fun to look forward than back.

As we slowly but surely learn to live with this pandemic I guess that 2022 will see and even more liberal approach. By that I mean the vaccinated will basically be given a free pass to start working and living as normal.

Subsequently this should mean a boom year for Dubrovnik tourism. However, I am pretty sure that all the talk about sustainable tourism and the end of mass tourism will be swept under the carpet as the money starts rolling in again. Money has this effect of wiping memories and making people forgetful. What could, and indeed should have been the once in a lifetime moment to make a real difference will instead just be like hitting the pause button.

But trying to “think pink” I can also see a slight change towards dealing with independent niche travel companies rather than the old dinosaurs that are coming to the end of the lifecycle. This will presumably spread the wealth and also increase the creative flow of new ideas. And that really is the way forward. 2022 will be a year to remember, but for the right reasons.

Have a glorious end to this year and a very Happy New Year to one and all!     

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