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Finding my perspective as my love affair with Croatia continues

Written by  Gillie Sutherland Nov 15, 2021

My love affair with Croatia continues….

Today, it’s from a completely different perspective.

Climbing up a river canyon to a bat cave with a group of Digital Nomads, led by Ivan Bozic, Zadar’s answer to Bear Grylls, I am yet again in awe of this beautiful country.

Everything feels different, and yet still the same.

Like the people I find myself with…

The group is diverse. People of different ages, countries, backgrounds and cultures, yet we have a common thread running through us that brings us together - our love of adventure.

So how else to spend a Sunday than to go on a magical mystery tour, exploring more of the magic that Croatia has to offer?

Saturday was one of those days where the heavens open; it literally rained all day, and even though it was forecast rain on Sunday, I just had this feeling that it would clear.

I even love the rain in Croatia. In Britain it just seems to constantly “drizzle”, but in Croatia it’s like the floodgates open, and all the water that there could possibly be just falls from the sky until there’s nothing left.

It reminds me of crying. It’s not just a few stifled sobs, or slowly trickling tears, it’s a full-blown emotional breakdown, the waterworks don’t stop until you’re all cried out, but don’t you feel a lot better afterwards?

And then the sun comes out, and oh man, when that happens, it’s like it’s Christmas Day, and it’s snowing outside. You can’t wait to get up and get out there.

That’s how I’m feeling each day at the moment, so already I know something has shifted.

252995462 4541953835852670 4584438997944825720 n 1It’s been less than a week since I left Cavtat, and already it feels like a lifetime away. Although it helps knowing I will be back.

It wasn’t a long journey getting here, but I’d taken the scenic route.

The Jadranska Magistrala is officially my favourite road in the world, and I was 100% more confident this time around, although I missed my cat like the desert misses the rain.

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Nonetheless the journey felt like a changing of the season, a shifting of stuck energy, and a change in perspective.

I’m reminded of a kaleidoscope, and that with just a slight change, all patterns alter.

We don’t necessarily need to travel to the other end of the Earth for that new perspective, sometimes it’s just travelling up the coast for a bit, or even just a Sunday adventure.

Days like today I know are game-changers. You go out and explore some unknown territory, you forget about everything else except for how you’re going to manoeuvre across that river without falling in, or what that herb is that we can smell.

No one cares when it starts to rain.

It’s only a drizzle, so I feel right at home. It’s a proper Sunday walk with a lunch at the end, and I realise that I can create the feeling of home wherever I go. It’s just a matter of pegging down the tent wherever I pitch up, and that means getting out into nature and harmonising with my new surroundings.

I guess this will be the same for most of the Digital Nomads here. It takes a few days to settle in somewhere, so grounding is essential.

Walking back on the other side, we share a moment as a group, looking back at how far we came, with the new perspective of the path from the other side, and I think we all feel it together:

“This is where I am right now”.

And it feels like home.

It’s just a matter of perspective.

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