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Self-isolation round 2! - Covid-19 hits closer to home and forces me into a football marathon

Written by  Apr 03, 2021

Ten more days! Ten more f***ing days! Yes, for the second time the Covid-19 virus has darkened our doorstep. This time it has hit closer to home as Mrs. Thomas is positive! Now we are stuck at home like prisoners trying to remain positive whilst being positive. And yes, this is the second time, already twenty days in lockdown.

“Your eyes look like you have a temperature, how do you feel?” I asked my wife putting my hand on her forehead. My mother-in-law has these magic lips, she puts them on someone’s forehand and knows immediately their temperature, “Mmm, that’s 38.2 for sure.” Maybe we could employ her at Dubrovnik Airport this summer to check for potential Covid-19 positive travellers.

And yes, my wife did indeed have a fever, and a high one 39 degrees. Of course, as soon as someone has a temperature nowadays we always think the worst. What happened to the regular flu? Do people not get that anymore? Has Covid killed the flu?

“Let’s go and get you tested tomorrow morning,” I said to my wife as she lay in bed looking like she’d just been run over by the no.6 bus from Mokošica. As the only real symptom she had was a high temperature we had our fingers crossed that it wasn’t the “C” word.

“Oh, what’s the terrible smell?” she yelled as our new bouncy puppy looked as innocent as he could, hoping that we wouldn’t realise that he had just farted. “Ah, so you didn’t lose your smell then,” I joked as we pinched our noses.

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid catching the virus so far, and that’s a miracle as I seem to somehow catch every bug going round. Although, I do have a sneaky feeling that I’ve already had it, so as soon as we come out of self-isolation I’m going to have a blood check.

We arrived at the container in the middle of a carpark, or as it’s officially known the drive-in PCR and antigen testing centre. Expecting longer queues than the Ivanica border in the summer we arrived early. We were the only ones there! Well apart from a container full of “spacemen” administrating the test. Swab up the nose and home we went to await the results.

Fearing the worst we started about isolating from each other as much as possible. It was probably too late anyway. Luckily we have two bathrooms, so separate showers. My new bedroom was the lounge, which had the added bonus of a large TV, a marathon of football was on my menu. Later in the day and after we had divided our apartment into East and West Berlin.

The mobile rang, “You are positive for Covid-19,” was the first line. Then the general questions on health and what to do now. The one silver lining in the Covid cloud was that the only person my wife had seen 48 hours before contracting the virus was me. Well, not such great news for me, I guess.

“Does your husband have any symptoms,” asked the epidemiologist. The answer was no then, and no now. Nothing! Not even a bloody headache. “You’ll have to be in self-isolation for ten days from your first symptoms and your husband ten days from your test,” added the epidemiologist.

So there it was, I was living with corona! The next day after testing my wife had lost her temperature and was starting to feel much better.

By day-two she was as good as new, apart from feeling a little tired. And after that her road to full recovery was underway. Really she had bad symptoms for two days and after that felt better, and as I am writing this she is out in the garden pruning the lemon tree. Our dogs can’t understand why we aren’t going on walks twice a day, or in fact why we are home all day and sleeping in separate beds. Our self-isolation has probably affected them the worse. Although our puppy did have fun when the police turned up to check that we were at home as he jumped up on their car as if to say “please take me for a walk.”

Although apart from the daily dog walk my self-isolation is pretty much exactly the same as the last year and a bit. I am working from home, so nothing much has changed. However, I sincerely hope that this is the last time I’m locked down at home, there is only so much football you can watch before your eyes start to hurt!   

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