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Just how shocking was the Meghan and Oprah interview? Really?

Written by  Mar 20, 2021

The most shocking interviews of all time! Really? The UK was rocked by what was revealed! Really? The Royal Family shuddering after the most open interview ever! Really? Yes, all these headlines were used to describe the Meghan and Harry’s chat with Oprah Winfrey. I just added the really, as I wasn’t really shocked at all.

I mean what did you expect Meghan to say?

Of course, there were some disturbing revelations, such as the racial issue and her wanting to take her own life, and these should and must be taken seriously, but apart from that it was exactly what I expected them, or rather her, to say.

Shocking, well no. Was it more shocking even that the Frost/Nixon interviews back at the end of the 1970’s, probably not. Was it even more shocking than princess Diana’s famous interview in 1995 which contained the line “there were three of us in this marriage.” Again not really. I’m not sure what people expected her to say?

Oprah did her job impeccably, as she always does, and asked all the right follow up questions, but apart from the race issue and suicide issue there wasn’t anything ground-breaking.

And actions always speak louder than words. And the young Royal couple have made their feelings completely clear with the actions they’ve already taken.

Was the UK rocked by the interview? Again not so much. The vast majority of public support has taken the side of the Queen and the Royal Family, in fact I haven’t spoken to anyone who supports Meghan. This was to be expected.

There was humour, of course English sarcastic humour, mixed in as well. An online “GoFundMe” account was set up to pay off the $11 million mortgage the couple have on their California ranch. Apparently, it wasn’t done as a joke, I have other thoughts. Anyway the account was shut down after only £78 was collected.

And on the BBC news they asked for a passer-by to comment in London, he replied in typical London style, “Did she expect she’d be a princess from a Disney movie?”

A survey taken after the interview showed that the popularity of both Meghan and Harry had fallen, whilst on the other hand the Queen’s popularity had risen. In fact, the survey showed that she is still, by far, the most popular royal. Am I surprised, not at all. It would seem in fact that the rest of the world are more shocked by the interview than the Brits. A massive 80 percent gave their support for the Queen, whilst only 31 percent have a positive opinion of Meghan.

One line from the interview did surprise me, and it kind of answered the whole story. “I grew up in LA and you see celebrities all the time, this is not the same,” said Markle admitting that she hadn’t really known about much about the Royal Family.

Was she then unprepared? Make your own judgements. Was she then a little naïve? Again make your own conclusions. So again, was I shocked with what followed, well not really.

The Queen herself once said “It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained.”

And when she suggested that the British press were always digging into their lives I even found myself sounding like Homer Simpson “D’Oh!”

And history would suggest that Americans and the British Royal Family just aren’t a good combination. Remember what happened when Edward VIII met a divorced American. Probably, if Oprah was around in the 1930’s she’d have interviewed them as well.

And indeed, both these American ladies have a Dubrovnik connection, both have been here on holidays, Wallis Simpson in 1936 and Meghan in 2014. In fact, Meghan wrote a blog about her time here (I’m guessing that Wallis Simpson didn’t) saying that ““Stroll the marble Stradun, taking in the magnitude of your beautiful setting – fortress walls, local cafes and restaurants line pedestrian old town and the Lindjo dance group performs folk dancing on an open-air stage in the summer.”

Of course, this blog, along with all her social media were taken down after she became a member of the Royal Family. That I did expect! So one of the most hyped interviews for years was, at least for me, all hype and little content. This approach might indeed work with their new surroundings but back on the island Harry’s from it has had the opposite effect.

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