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I've found the solution to forget about Covid-19 and he has four legs

Written by  Nov 28, 2020

“When you had 30 cases a day you had a complete lockdown and now that you have 3,000 a day you are open. Could you please explain that logic to me,” asked the journalist from a French newspaper to me via Zoom last week. I could have probably explained but it would have taken half of his newspaper and would be filled with politics. “It seems that your politicians have to be seen to be doing something so they are slightly altering the Covid-19 regulations,” he added. From his Paris base he was hitting lots of nails on the head.

It would appear that Covid-19 in Croatia is Count Dracula and only comes out after dark. Is there really any point in moving opening hours from midnight to 10? Either leave businesses to work or close them completely. This halfway house is only prolonging the problem.

It isn’t brain surgery. We all know the rules. If you want to play football you know the rules of the game and play by them. If we just stuck to the rules, then our Covid-19 would be easier. But thankfully we might all get the Christmas present that we wanted under the Christmas tree, a vaccine. Santa and Rudolph will be flying over smoking chimneys and dropping presents from Pfizer down them.

So with the promised land so close let’s not drop our guard. Covid-19 vaccines are like number 6 buses. You wait and wait for one to arrive and then three arrive at once. One is 90 percent effective, the other 94 percent, another doesn’t need to be stored at artic temperatures. Does that mean that if I take the 90 percent one and the 94 percent one that I’m 184 percent safe? We are getting close to the Shangri-la.

Thankfully common sense has floated to the surface and the Winter Festival has been drastically cut down. It was a pretty dumb idea to hold it this year anyway. Not as dumb as the Vukovar procession, but pretty close. I mean I personally wouldn’t eat a sausage that’s been drowning in oil for hours even if there wasn’t a pandemic. Although those sausages are so tough they could probably kill all viruses. Something like Trump’s idea of injecting bleach.

So the festival wasn’t really on my radar with or without having to wear a mask. We all need and deserve some Christmas cheer. And as Mariah Carey belts out her Christmas hits on my radio I can’t help thinking that Christmas 2021 is only a year away. Will we have forgotten coronavirus by then, no. But will it be a memory as opposed to a reality, yes! Optimism is rising.

And this year Christmas has come a little early to the Thomas household with a new member of the family a bouncing 8-month-old puppy. And bouncing is the right word. Nothing makes you forget a global pandemic than a puppy’s eyes waiting for you to throw his ball. Toto is the latest rescue animal to join our growing zoo. Pretty soon we’ll be selling tickets to the Thomas Župa zoo. Maybe we’ll get one of those brown tourist attractions signs on the main road. And I’m pretty sure that Toto will keep me fit. He is a mix between a Croatian Sheepdog and a Golden Retriever. Making him the Usain Bolt of the dog kingdom with the appetite of a dinosaur.

Our cats have yet to fully welcome Toto’s enthusiasm and exuberant friendliness, although I expect that with time they’ll be his ruler and not his toy. We are now in the phase of making the home puppy friendly. You can buy a puppy all the toys you want but there is nothing as interesting as a slipper or a remote control. I have already lost a sock. I am just presuming he didn’t eat it but just hid it. He might even eat one of those festive sausages. His undoubtable intelligence is a double-edged sword. You can just see the look in his eyes as I open the fridge possibly thinking to himself “Hmmm, I wonder how I could open that in the future?”

The next decade won’t be boring with Toto around that’s for sure. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself,” once said the writer Josh Billings. And Toto is certainly following this phrase.

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