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Why take a Belfie when you can take a Delfie!

By  Aug 20, 2016

Celebrity spotting in Dubrovnik, and blimey it has certainly been a week for spotting the rich and famous in the city. “Can you get me a photo of Bono if you bump into him,” asked a friend from London. The chances of me bumping into the lead singer of U2 were, well relatively limited, but to get a friend from London asking for his photo just endorsed the power of “A” level stars.

And although Bono was probably the most sought after star on the list this week there have been plenty more, Reese Witherspoon, Ivanka Trump, Nicole Scherzinger, the Black Eyed Peas…all stars in their own right.

They have all been cruising in fancy yachts, dripping with designer clothing and desperate to flaunt their overall “gorgeousness” on social media. They all look like they have just slipped out off the pages of Cosmopolitan. They are living large on Instagram, well at least that’s the message they are trying to convey. There is a real star in all of these social media photos that have been appearing, but it isn’t in the foreground! Just look over the shoulder or under the armpit of a celebrity and you will see the true VIP – Croatia, and in many cases Dubrovnik.

And it isn’t a photo-shopped, cropped, Botox filled, filtered star, no, it is a naked beauty that doesn’t need any artificial help. Dubrovnik has always had an unusual relationship with celebrities, well not so much strange more aloof. It isn’t that people don’t recognize the world icons; far from it, it’s just that they aren’t that bothered by them.

We all know the story about Ivo Labaš and his brush with Elizabeth Taylor, when he offered her a piece of paper to take his autograph, he considered himself more famous as he was a citizen of Dubrovnik. However there is something to be said for the celebrity endorsement, it may be a pain in the arse but it brings plenty of publicity with it. Of course you get the “old farts” who just grunt like a sleeping dog when you tell them a celeb is here, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The amount of international media outlets that have been filling their pages with photos of celebs on vacation in Croatia over the past months is priceless PR. I don’t really know who half of these people are, I am guessing that half of them are famous just for being famous, they may have inherited fame not earned it. But who cares, they are loved by the media and therefore are plastered all over the front pages. It is also kind of cool to be in the spotlight, I mean for Dubrovnik to be in the spotlight, where it fully deserves to be.

“Celebrities like to come here because people treat them as normal people and don’t hassle them,” I remember a local telling me a few years ago. I half agree with that statement. True mega stars probably love the anonymity, to be able to fade into the crowds and not be constantly asked for autographs or selfies. But the “nouvelle riche” shooting stars probably absolutely hate it, they want to be seen and adored. That is probably exactly the reason they take to Instagram to promote their instant-fame. “I am here...over here...look at me...look at me,” one can hear them screaming through their media channels.

Starlets with their entourage of mini-starlets are bombarding us with bikini-clad images. And the latest trend to make sure that you rise on the Facebook charts, Belfies! I kid you not, Belfies! I can hear you asking what the hell Belfies are, I asked the same question. Apparently it is a selfie of your arse! I am guessing it got the name as a combination of selfie and B from bum, bottom or backside. Whatever next? One minute tiny asses were a hit and now its behinds the size of a bus, who could keep up with this fashion. I open my Twitter account and am greeted with a whole array of bums!

Normally I wouldn’t be complaining too much, but it isn’t only women who are taking Belfies! This new term even has an unofficial entry into the Oxford English Dictionary “a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.” And just on the market belfie-sticks! They are like selfie-sticks that you see tourists waving around in Dubrovnik but they have a mirror stuck on them…so you see your arse of course. And yes, before you ask, we already have Belfie photos featuring Dubrovnik. That’s it I have just thought of a new idea, Delfie, a selfie in Dubrovnik!

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