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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


In 2019 a record 29.4 million passengers passed through the airports of the former Yugoslavia. For the second year in a row, ten different airports had the opportunity to welcome more than one million passengers. The largest number of passengers, with more than six million passengers, was Belgrade. Last year, 2,896,227 passengers passed through Dubrovnik Airport, which is 356,815 more than the year before.

Croatia has cemented its position as the busiest hub for the countries of the former Yugoslavia with more than 11.5 million passengers at nine commercial airports. More than three million passengers passed through Zagreb for the third time in history, while Dubrovnik added another 300,000 passengers from the previous year.


Croatia’s European Handball Championship adventure, which saw them grab the silver medal, proved extremely popular with viewers with figures showing that 1.6 million people in Croatia watched the final.

RTL managed to attract an amazing 1.6 million viewers in Croatia, or roughly half the population, to watch the final match against Spain. Croatia lost in the final 22-20 and picked up the silver medal.

And it seems that Croatia was one of the most watched national teams at the championships, with 1.4 million people watching the semi-final against Norway. Whilst earlier in the tournament when Croatia met Germany a huge 6.4 million Germans followed the game on public broadcaster ZDF.


Croatian captain Duvnjak - Photo HRS - Mandatory Credit © Axel Heimken / kolektiff


A total of 1 million fans accessed coverage of the tournament on the official ehfTV streaming platform, with almost 500,000 viewers watching live coverage.

“Croatia’s success again played a big part. Zeljko Musa’s dramatic winning goal in extra-time of the semi-final against Norway reached 2.3 million people on EHF Euro channels with over 600,000 interactions alone on the EHF Euro Facebook page,” commented the organisers, EHF.

The tournament, which was held in Austria, Norway and Sweden and attracted a record attendance of close to 500,000 fans, took place from January 9 to 26.


On the eve of the most important date on Dubrovnik’s calendar, the Festivities of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Restaurant in New York has organised a humanitarian action to raise much needed funds for the Dubrovnik Elderly Home.

Dubrovnik restaurant, owned by Željko Tomić from the island of Lopud, held this humanitarian, which was sponsored by the Croatian Radio Club NY - Slobodna Hrvatska and the Croatian World Congress USA, in order to collect funds for the home.

The organizers of the action promoted Dubrovnik’s cultural heritage, Croatian wines and, on the occasion, raised a valuable financial contribution for the beneficiaries of the Dubrovnik Elderly Home. The director of the home, Marina Sambrailo, thanked the organizers of this humanitarian action.


Posted by Dubrovnik Restaurant on Sunday, 26 January 2020

The four donkeys from the island of Lokrum have found a new home, on Peljesac.

“They arrived five or six days ago, neat, healthy and fat. We received them at the request of the administration of the Public Institution Lokrum Reserve. They asked us to look after them as they were looking for someone who would take care of them professionally and well,” commented Miljenko Antunovic who is the new owner and has a family farm on Peljesac.

Yesterday, the director of the Lokrum Reserve, Ivica Grilec, said that donkeys had been moved to the farm for re-socialization, and that the plan was to rearrange the area where the donkeys used to be into an area for picnickers.

“They adapted quickly. It will be nice for them here, we will treat them the same as all our other donkeys, for the joy of us and visitors,” concluded Antunovic.

lokrum donkeys


Your post could soon be delivered by drone as Croatian Post has successfully completed its first drone delivery. In this first experiment from Croatia Post the postal drone flew from the mainland across the Adriatic to the island of Ugljan. According to information from Croatia Post the drone flew autonomously, at a speed of 35 km / h, for about 12 minutes, and successfully delivered its package.

This innovative new way of delivering post in Croatia is part of a pilot project with the Croatian company AIR-RMLD that deals with the development of commercial and industrial services using drones.

“Many postal operators began testing drone delivery a few years ago and noted some shortcomings. But with the added advancement of free-flying technology, the use of drones is being considered today even for the commercial delivery of shipments,” commented Croatia Post.

drone delivers mail in croatia


During the pilot project, the drone successfully delivered deliveries from Gaženica to Preko a dozen times, and it also flew by storm. The drone used in testing can carry loads of up to 200 grams, while flying completely autonomously in a pre-programmed route. The testing will show the possibilities of using a drone in the delivery of letters and parcels between post offices and indicate what the needs of Croatian Post are for this type of technology.

"Today, Croatian Post is testing smart solutions faster and more often than ever before - from augmented reality goggles, pallet-carrier robots to electric vehicles and drones. Our teams are engaged in artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality, advanced data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)," concluded Croatia Post. 

hrvatska posta drone



It sounds like a Sting song, message in a bottle. On the Croatian island of Vis a young boy found just that whilst playing on the beach. The bottle washed up on the beach and contained a message addressed to “Pirates.” Filip Bozic, aged 8, discovered the bottle and to his surprise found a handwritten message inside that read “Pirates – I wish you happy journeys from Mia from Croatia.”

The message was dated the 10th of January a full 15 days after Filip found the bottle on the island of Vis. It appears that the message was posted in the bottle by two sisters, Mia and Matea from Kastel Novi around 80 kilometres from Vis, but so far the sisters haven’t come forward.


Message in a bottle - Photo


This morning at around 9:00 am there was an intervention by firefighters in the historic core of Dubrovnik as smoke was spotted drifting between ancient buildings in a residential area. After spotting a large amount of smoke spreading around on the surveillance cameras, they headed to the scene and found a person burning weeds in their garden.

Clearly when the fire-brigade spotted the large and thick smoke rising from the Old City they suspected the worse and were quickly on the scene. Luckily it was a false alarm, but again it shows that such activities inside the Old City will soon attract the attention of firefighters and indeed citizens.


Excitement continues to build for Outlook Origins as the cult bass festival returns to its roots in the stunning Garden Resort in Tisno from July 30th to August 3rd 2020. It can now be revealed that joining the 13 tastemaking curators will be the heavyweight likes of Shy FX, dBridge, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, Wookie, Youngsta, Hatcha, Breakage, Doc Scott, DRS, J.Sparrow, P. Money, 6 Figure Gang (aka Dobby, FAUZIA, Jossy Mitsu, L U C Y, Sherelle, Yazzus), Children of Zeus, Coops, Darwin, Horsepower Productions, Jah Shaka, N-Type and many more to come.

Outlook has built a world renowned reputation for focussing on the best in drum & bass, dubstep, grime, garage, reggae and beyond on its scene-leading sound systems. Returning to their roots in 2020 with a new and exciting format, the mission this year is to showcase the very best in the game, old and new, as curated by 13 bass heroes who are experts in their field and include Calibre, D Double E, DJ Storm, Flava D, Fliptrix, Goldie, Iration Steppas, Lenzman, Mala, Mungo's Hifi, The Bug and Zed Bias - with new addition Hybrid Minds, added to the list with this announcement.

Celebrating the foundations of Outlook Festival, this year’s addition is set at The Garden Resort for the main festival, open-air club Barbarella's for after-parties, and the iconic St Michaels Fortress for an all new opening concert. As such, the new look festival promises to be an imitate, personal gathering of friends and family who all have a shared love of bass and are long time devoted dancers.


The first wave of names is irresistible, with all the most vital names included from the worlds of drum & bass such as Shy FX, dBridge, Breakage, Randall, Doc Scott, DRS and Fabio & Grooverider, amongst others. Red hot grime, dubstep and bass talents are also well represented with El-B, Horsepower Productions, Hatcha, Youngsta, Wookie, Darwin, P. Money, J.Sparrow and 6 Figure Gang (aka cult collective Dobby, FAUZIA, Jossy Mitsu, L U C Y, Sherelle and Yazzus) as well as plenty more, with hip hop heads like Children of Zeus and Coops also lining up.

As well as further details of the beach parties, boat parties, after-parties and opening concert, the all important stage splits will soon be revealed as the countdown to this much anticipated chapter in the history of Outlook gets ever closer.

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