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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The hurricane force winds that battered Dubrovnik back at the end of February have left a scar on the skyline of the Old City of Dubrovnik. Record breaking winds rushed through the Old City and reached 158 km/h on the 21st and 22nd of February and apart from ripping up trees and causing havoc with the transport system in the city they also damaged many roofs.

The domed roof of the Dubrovnik Cathedral still bears the scars of those hurricane force 12 winds with several tiles still missing from the famous rooftop. On the south side of the doomed roof the damage can be clearly seen and is a sad reminder of those terrible north winds. Work has already begun to repair the roof.

windn damage to dubrovnik cathedral 2019

hole in roof dubrovnik church 2019

With rising temperatures and clear blue skies Sunday in Dubrovnik felt more like May than the beginning of March. And a couple of tourists took advantage of the idyllic weather conditions to sunbath on the most iconic of Dubrovnik beaches, the Banje Beach.

beach banje dubrovnik alone all

This couple will certinaly remember the early March trip to Dubrovnik as they lounged on the beach. In the height of summer, it is tricky to find a spare space to roll out your towel on this beach, but today, well they had the whole beach for themselves.


After a five-year run of making profits Croatia Airlines ended 2018 with a net loss of 11 million Euros. Industrial action from staff and rising fuel prices were stated as the main reasons for the loss of earnings from Croatia’s national airline in 2018. This represents the first year since 2012 that Croatia Airlines has made an annual loss.

In 2018 the company’s revenue amounted to 229 million Euros, whilst expenditure was 239 million Euros.

According to the specialised website, EX- YU Aviation, Croatia Airlines handled 2.1 million passengers last year, a slight increase of 2 percent when compared with 2017. With 1.6 million were on international flights and 526,000 on domestic flights.

"The high level of seasonality on the Croatian aviation market continues to pose a major problem for the company and its business. During the summer season, there are almost 100 airlines operating flights to Croatia, with more than a half of all passengers carried during the third quarter, while competition is minimal in winter. Croatia Airlines maintains flights throughout the entire year, providing Croatian airports with year-round connectivity", the carrier said.

"Thank you for the fun race, and especially thanks to all the volunteers! ... All praise to the organizers, the Dubrovnik and the volunteers, we felt very comfortable all the time! ... Every honour to the organization, volunteers are wonderful!" - these are just some of the many messages of praise from runners who come to Dubrovnik every spring to run in Du Motion.

The most popular racing event in the region, whose fifth edition was announced on April 27 and 28, owes part of its success to the highly acclaimed volunteers. They are an indispensable part of this beautiful racing story and without their commitment to Du Motion it would be difficult to maintain.

The organizers are therefore inviting interested people this year to be part of Du Motion. Anyone who wants to gain new experience, meet new people, and contribute to the organization of such events can apply via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the official Du Motion website.

du motion 2019 run the walls volunteers

Volunteers will be deployed on tasks such as the rallying of the runner-ups at the EXPO, serving on water stations, providing track and medal sharing, and the organizers will in turn provide them with an official volunteer T-shirt, a special volunteer card with benefits and refreshment.

The Dubrovnik Half Marathon and the Run The Walls race have already been completely sold out so we can expect another great atmosphere for this year’s Du Motion events.

“Let us all take care that the runners coming from 50 countries around the globe will take home fond memories of Dubrovnik with them,” commented the race organisers.

Dubrovnik will have the first word at one of the most important travel conventions in the world. At the upcoming ITB Berlin Convention, the world's largest tourism trade fair, which will be held from the 6th to the 9th of March Dubrovnik’s tourism will be presented on day one. At the opening keynote panel discussion entitled “Overtourism Revisited: Best Demonstrated Practices Instead Of “Business As Usual,” the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Romana Vlasic, will be part of the prestigious group speakers.

download 1

The discussion, which will be held in co-operation with UNWTO, will discuss solutions for overtourism. “How can a destination set the right conditions for sustainable growth - on a national, regional and local basis?” is the description on the ITB website. And apart from the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board the panel will also include, Dr. Manuel Butler Halter, the Executive Director, of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Prof. Dr. Albert Postma and Sharry Sun, the Global Head of Brand for Travelzoo.

Unemployment across the European Union in January was at its lowest rates since 2000. The EU statistics office, Eurostat, have reported that the average unemployment rate across all member states is at its lowest level since they started recording data, in 2000.

Across the EU the unemployment rate in January stood at 6.5 percent, which when compare with January 2018 when the rate was 7.2 percent, is a healthy drop.

The unemployment rate in Croatia in January this year was 7.6 percent, 0.1 percent down on the month. There were 136,000 people out work in Croatia in January, which is 2,000 fewer than in December and a decrease of 35,000 on the year.

A grand total of 63 Croatian restaurants has found themselves listed in the latest Michelin Guide for 2019. The prestigious Michelin Guide has just been released and the Croatian section is bigger than ever before.

Croatia has only five Michelin-starred restaurants in the new guide with a further 58 finding themselves in the listing section. In fact this is an increase over last year when only three Croatian restaurants won the sought-after stars, but this year Noel in Zagreb has won a star as well as Draga di Lovrana, located in a hotel in Lovran in Istria.

The three previous winners of Michelin stars, Monte in Rovinj, 360˚ in Dubrovnik, and Pelegrini in Šibenik, all retained their one star ratings.

On the full Michelin Guide list of Croatian restaurants for 2019 the capital has 15 restaurants and Dubrovnik an impressive 11 listed restaurants.

Here is the full list of the Croatian restaurants in the 2019 Michelin Guide



Konoba Morgan
San Rocco

Above 5, Dubrovnik
Zuzori, Dubrovnik
Pjerin, Dubrovnik
Marianno, Dubrovnik
Nautika, Dubrovnik
Vapor, Dubrovnik
Stara Loza, Dubrovnik
Proto Fish, Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik
Bistro Tavulin, Dubrovnik


Konoba Mate
LD Terrace

Vuglec Breg


Draga di Lovran

Konoba Boba


Damir & Ornella
Konoba Čok

Mala Hiža

Muzej Okusa
Club Waldinger

Sv. Nikola



Konoba Fetivi
Zrno soli

Konoba Vinko


Konoba Buščina

Alla Beccaccia


Mon Ami

Konoba Tri Piruna


Bistro Apetit by Marin Rendić
Dubravkin put
Le Bistro Esplanade
Pod zidom
Time, Zagreb

On February 28, the City of Dubrovnik initiated the public procurement procedure for carrying out the construction works for an elevator in the council offices of the City of Dubrovnik. The estimated value of the purchase is HRK 2,240,000.00 without VAT.

By installing elevators, access to the public spaces of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County will be facilitated to all citizens, especially those with disabilities. The lift is to be designed as a panoramic one with a capacity of up to 900 kg up to 12 people. The construction will use steel and safety glass and be equipped with LED lighting and ventilation. The construction will be installed in the columnar space between the joists and the floor of the existing staircase.

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