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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.

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It is a long weekend in Croatia with Monday being a public holiday, and therefore is traditionally one of the busiest weekends of the year. Yesterday was certainly one of the most hectic for Dubrovnik with numerous cruise ships arriving and the height of the season meaning that finding a spare room in the city is almost impossible. All of the hotels are reporting near over-capacity and rooms in private accommodation are also booked solid.

Due to the number of cruise ships that docked in Dubrovnik yesterday there were heavy queues to enter the historic Old City. The Pile gate entrance was rammed all morning with a system of “traffic” flow in place, but even this didn’t help much. We can expect long traffic delays and packed beaches until the beginning of September.

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U2 loves Cavtat! After The Edge and Adam Clayton caused a buzz all over the Croatian and foreign media when they visited Cavtat to celebrate Edge's birthday, everybody were wondering where is ''the man'' or more exactly – Bono Vox.

And the answer is: in Cavtat too! And willing to take photos with fans, as we can see. Lucija Sutalo Kurajica, a huge fan of the band has published a photo with Bono that she took today.

This is how she describes the meeting: -I just told him that I traveled half of the world to see him and he came in Cavtat. And then he gave me a kiss. Said oooo...

What can we say other than: Welcome Bono! Hope we get a kiss soon too!



The opening night of the Revelin Festival 2016 started with a bang last night as the globally popular Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand brought the house down. The Culture Club Revelin was packed to the rafters and as Fedde hit the stage at just after midnight the club erupted.

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The first night of the festival, which runs until the 13th of August, was a night to remember. Le Grand is a frequent headliner at mainstream EDM events like Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland as well as more unconventional EDM festivals such as Sensation and Coachella. And he is also a friend of Dubrovnik; this is not the first time that the Dutchman has boomed the bass in Dubrovnik. “Whenever I come to Dubrovnik I feel at home. You know, I just can’t describe in words why I'm so in love with this city,” commented Fedde in a recent interview.

revelin fedde 2

Tonight the British producer, remixer and DJ, Alex Adair, known on a global scale for his remix of the popular Ed Sheran hit “Thinking Out Loud” will spin the tunes. And finally on Saturday the 13th of August the Revelin Festival ends with a big finish, the Dutch DJ Joe Stone.

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Cover up or face paying a hefty fine. The new dress code law in Dubrovnik comes into effect in Dubrovnik this week, the so called “bikini ban.” Large signs will be placed on the three entrances into the historic Old City of Dubrovnik stating what, amongst other regulations, isn’t acceptable to wear in the public streets. Security guards will also be positioned on the entrances to check visitor’s attire, however so far there is no sign of the guards. Another sign will also be placed on the entrance into the Old City from the sea, one entrance that will probably see many a tourist break the law.

The law states that "It is prohibited to walk around in swimwear, without clothing or part of clothing.” Whilst it is obvious that bikinis and swimming trunks are now banned the term “part of clothing” seems rather ambiguous. The new signs also state that “It is prohibited to drive bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds.” As not one of these modes of transport is actually “driven” they are all “ridden” we can only presume that Google translate was to blame. “It is prohibited to throw cigarette stubs in public areas,” is also added. And “It is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash,” is another regulation. Whilst all these new regulations seem sensible it is the so called “bikini ban” that is raising the most interest. Many international news outlets have already published articles about the ban, the news even featured on Swedish television.

The Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Željko Raguz, the initiator of this decision and the most ardent advocate of the prohibition bare skin, stated that the city administration commissioned these specially designed signs, in Croatian and English, and they would be installed soon. He also added that the media would be invited to attend the first “hunt” for offenders.

The penalty for walking in a swim suit will be 1,000 Kuna, or around 135 Euros, however if the fine is paid on the spot it will be reduced to 500 Kuna.

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In the height of the season with the historic Old City of Dubrovnik buzzing with tourists the toilet manners of some visitors has obviously proved too much for some locals.

Daubed on the wall of a corner in the historic core are the words “This corner is not your’s TOILET!” and then for extra effect added underneath are the words “Shame on you!” We will ignore the slight spelling mistake because the message is clearly understandable.

The photo appeared on the Twitter account of a tourist from the UK.

toilet sign dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s own American Football Club, the Dubrovnik Sharks, took part in a special training camp in Split last weekend organised by the international organisation The Growth of the Game. The camp, entitled The Growth of the Game Skills Camp, was held at the stadium of the Croatian Knights in Dugopolje, near Split.

The camp was led by top coaches from big European clubs and the Brazilian national team: Daniel Levy, Geoff Buffum, Tyler Harlow, Matheus Dias, Eoin O'Sullivan, Alexandre Braga, Clayton Lovett and John Anderson a former coach in the National Football League (NFL) in America.

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“We were all very impressed with the dedication and organisation of the event and hopefully we will have the chance of inviting Anderson down to Dubrovnik to train with us,” commented the President of The Dubrovnik Sharks, Marko Miletic.

The aim of the camp was to the spread the knowledge and level of this All-American sport in Croatia. Also at the camp there was the first meeting of the project for a Croatian National American football team. After the camp the coaches shared their notes with the players with the Croatian Federation of American Football with the aim of assisting with a possible national team selection.

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Apart from the Dubrovnik Sharks there were also players from Bjelovar Greenhorns, Zagreb Thunder, Zagreb Patriots, Zapresic Saints and the Osijek Cannons. The Sharks took fifteen players and coaches to the camp and apart from the invaluable knowledge they picked up they also gained some valuable equipment.

“We would like to thank all the organizers, coaches and participants of the camp, concluded Miletic, Adding that he was pleased that the Sharks were at the first ever official meeting for the Croatian National Team.

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The luxury yacht 'Rising sun' was anchored in front of island of Daksa near Dubrovnik today. It attracted much attention, even more so when the rumours started that Ivanka Trump, daughter of the controversial USA presidental candidate Donald Trump is cruising the Adriatic on the yacht.

From the beginning Ivanka was actively involved in her father's campaign, but it seems that the young businesswoman and former model is using the summer to rest a little before the final presidential elections in November.

shutterstock 196597028

                  Donald and Ivanka Trump - Photo by: Albert H. Teich / Shutterstock.com

Rising Sun is the yacht of the designer Jon Bannenberg, built in 2004 in the German shipyard for Larry Ellison, one of the leaders of the Oracle Corporation. Since 2010 is owned by the New York magnate and film producer David Geffen. She is the eleventh largest yacht in the world, with a length of nearly 138 meters, and has a fairly large price-tag as well - over 200 million US dollars.

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Rising sun went from Daksa in front of Lokrum.

The ambitious project of the Tourist Board of the city of Omis with the support of the City of Omis, the Split-Dalmatia County and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County has developed over the years into a real tourist spectacle that gathers more than 10,000 visitors in the Port of Omis and in a spectacular way revives the proud history of the city on the Cetina river.

Interestingly, majority of visitors watch this event dressed as pirates thus participate directly in the event itself, which brings more authenticity to the historical spectacle.

This unique cultural and historical event in Croatian and English, takes places from the 17th till the 19th of August. It is the reconstruction of the historic battle of the 13th century between Omis pirates and Venetians. The famous pirates who ruled the coast and islands from the river Cetina to Neretva from 12th to 15th century won many victories at sea.

The event usually begins with a parade through the centre of Omis. The participation of many members of the historic forces armed to the teeth, contributes to the attractiveness of the event. There are the Chivalrous Society Kumpanjija from Blato on the island of Korcula, the Musketeers of Dubrovnik and the Deserters of Kils, who board the old wooden sailing ships and traditional boats and with brave and daring Omis pirates defend the city from the invasion of Venetians.

The whole event is broadcasted live directly to visitors in Croatian and English language.

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