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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Here’s one for the strange but true section. A well-known Croatian sport’s journalist found a lost mobile phone on the underground in the middle of Japan and on the screen he was shocked when he saw the screensaver, a photo of Dubrovnik.

Viki Ivanović, a sport’s journalist for Croatia Radio and Television, posted a photo of the mobile on his social media accounts with the comment “When you find a cell phone in the subway in Japan, and on the wallpaper is this beauty.” Now we know that Croatia, and especially Dubrovnik, are hugely popular in Japan but what are the odds that a Croatian would find a mobile phone on the busy metro with a photo of Dubrovnik on the screen?

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This year’s newly introduced flights between the US and Dubrovnik are certainly proving to be a real hit. Dubrovnik has been on the radar for more and more Americans, thanks largely to the HBO serial Game of Thrones, over the past few years and now that a direct flight connection between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik has been introduced by American Airlines the number of US tourists is growing steadily. These flights are the first non-stop connections in 28 years and have proved so popular that American Airlines is laying on an additional service every week in September.

And the Dubrovnik Tourist Board is greatly helping to boost interest by co-operating with American Airlines to run a marketing campaign in their inflight magazine American Way.

Dubrovnik and a selection of interesting locals feature in the new edition of the American Airlines inflight magazine "American Way" which is now on-board every aircraft flying all over the world.

405963This is part of a major promotional campaign run by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, which includes a large editorial in the magazine about Dubrovnik through the eyes of its inhabitants and their work. It also includes a promo film about Dubrovnik which has been shown in all American Airlines flights as well.

According to information from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board there has been a boom in the number of US travellers visiting Dubrovnik. Since the beginning of the year to the end of July just over 90,000 Americans visited the city which is a massive 17 percent increase over the same period form last year. And they have achieved a whopping 252,517 overnight stays, again an increase of 17 percent when compared with the same period from 2018.

The promotional campaign's main aim is to promote new direct flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik by American Airlines.


Today, the 5th of August, is a national holiday in the Republic of Croatia. On this day in 1995 the beginning of Operation Storm began with the Croatian Army taking the city of Knin, which consequently lead to the end of the Homeland War. Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders has been marked since the Croatian Parliament decided in 2002 to make the 5th of August a public holiday.

The main celebration is centered in Knin where there are festivities commemorating the event, beginning with a mass and laying of wreaths in honour of those who died in the war, and continuing with parades and concerts. The event is attended by thousands, including the country's leading politicians. The Flag of Croatia on Knin Fortress is ceremonially raised as part of the celebrations.


Thick black smoke poured into the Dubrovnik sky as a luxury yacht caught fire on the Ombla River on Friday afternoon. The Dubrovnik Fire Brigade reported that the fire was extinguished on the vessel at 4.20pm in the area of the river near Tajkovic.

The boat, belong to a foreign charter company based in ACI Marina, caught fire for so far unknown reasons and thick, black smoke poured into the Dubrovnik sky. The yacht, which is just over 14 metres long, was eventually saved by specialised boats of the Dubrovnik Fire Brigade and was towed, still floating, to the shore.

Dubrovnik firefighters reported that the fireboat was quickly at the site of the fire, and that all the passengers and crew of the yacht were evacuated successfully and were uninjured. A total of eight firefighters with three vehicles and one vessel participated in the intervention.

An amazing 430 runners turned up this evening in Cavtat to show their support and help raise much needed funds for the action “Together For Nina.”

Marija Đivanović, a citizen of the Konavle region, is currently undergoing long-term rehabilitation in Zagreb after a car accident in April this year. After emergency intervention and surgery in Zagreb, Nina continued her treatment at a specialized polyclinic, where she is to undergo physical and robotic rehabilitation. Long-term rehabilitation and the cost of accommodation adaptation require considerable material resources that require the assistance of the wider community.

And this is how the action “Together For Nina” was born.



Today that action took to the streets of Cavtat with a humanitarian run around the point of Cavtat of around 2 kilometres.

Participants from young children who could had only just learnt how to walk to pensioners all took part in the fun run entitled “We are running for Nina.”

It wasn’t about winning, it was about taking part, but the winner of the men’s section were Andro Perkić, followed by Luka Rajčević in second and Đuro Mileusnić.

For more information on how you can help in this good cause check out the website -


You’ve had a great night out in Dubrovnik but the whole experience of drinking inside an ancient city is just too much for you, you don’t know your limits and your end up swapping your comfortable mattress for a stone street.

Unfortunately, scenes like this “sleeping beauty” from last night on the Stradun are more regular every year. Indeed, we receive a great deal of photos from you with unusual behaviour.

This particular tourist found a rather public, and in fact sacral, place to have a nap, as he stretched out in front of one of the most iconic Dubrovnik monasteries.

Bill Gates just loves the Adriatic Sea. The founder of the Microsoft Corporation is on a family cruise with his wife, Melinda, and their three children on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.

After visiting Dubrovnik last year, Sibenik in Dalmatia a few years ago this time Bill Gates has decided to go further south to Montenegro where is cruising on the luxury yacht Lady S. The second richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $95 billion is cruising on the newly launched 93 metres ling Lady S which costs an amazing #1.4 million a week to charter.

According to Jutarnji List Gates and his family have been enjoying a rather adventurous break, with explorations into the wild mountains of Montenegro where they have been rafting on the Tara river and zip-lining. Understandably security has been tight, with a host of bodyguards, and the billionaire hasn’t commented to the media or indeed allowed any photographers close.


Lady S is currently on anchor of the shore of Montenegro near Budva and according to reports Gates and the family spent some time in the luxury resort of Porto Montenegro where several guests of the five-star Regent Hotel saw him playing tennis. Guests of the hotel reported that Gates and his group were very unassuming.

Bill Gates earned his vast fortune by founding Microsoft, and today he works with his wife, Melinda, for humanitarian causes. According to the August 2018 Forbes magazine, Gates is currently worth $95.4 billion, making it the second richest person in the world behind Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who is reported to be worth $114 billion.

Whether Gates will continue his cruise into Croatian waters is so far unknown, however after his trip to Sibenik he was quoted as saying that Croatia is ‘’his ideal place for summer holidays.”


July was certainly a mixed month for the two busiest airports in Croatia, with the capital’s airport actually seeing a drop in passenger numbers. Split is having a year to remember with more passengers and more new air connections than ever before.

And July was yet another month of growth at the Dalmatian airport with 723,000 passengers passing through, which is the airports busiest ever month on record. Since the beginning of the year until the end of July Split Airport has received 1.82 million passengers, when compared with 2018 this is a 6.4 percent improvement.

Where once Split was very much perceived as a transit city, a place to catch a ferry to one of the many islands or to jump on a bus for other Adriatic destinations, it has in recent years been successful in turning around this image and finding its place on the international travel market. Fuelled by events such as the massive Ultra music festival, and the magic dust that is connection to the HBO Game of Thrones series, the city is blooming.

split in the summer

The only real handicap for the city’s tourism business is the lack of quality hotel accommodation, this obvious hole is being willing filled by the Airbnb brigade of private apartments and villa owners. And combine this with a vibrant café, wine bar and restaurant scene and it is easy to see why the airport is attracting more passengers than in its long history.

The nation’s largest and busiest airport didn’t fare so well in July with Zagreb Airport actually recording its first drop in passenger numbers, when compared with 2018, this year. In July just over 366,000 travellers passed through the capital’s airport representing a 3.4 percent drop when compared with July 2018. Although this could well be seen as a bump in the road as passenger numbers through the first seven months have improved by 2.4 percent, meaning in real terms that 49,000 extra passengers have used the airport this year.

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