Tuesday, 02 June 2020
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

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Today is a national holiday across the country as Croatia celebrates Statehood Day. Every year on the 30th of May Croatia marks the day when the constitution of the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament was created in 1990. The Statehood Day is the National Day of Croatia, being both an official holiday and a day off work.

On 30 May 1990, the first modern multi-party Croatian Parliament convened, following the 1990 Croatian parliamentary election. This date was from 1990 to 2002 marked as the Statehood Day.

The Government of Ivica Račan moved the Statehood Day to 25 June in 2002, and 30 May was marked as a minor holiday, one that was not an off-day.

On 25 June, after the independence referendum held on 19 May 1991, Croatia proclaimed its independence, but due to the negotiation of the Brioni Agreement, a three-month moratorium was placed on the implementation of the decision and the Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia on 8 October 1991. 8 October was celebrated as the Independence Day from 2002 to 2019.

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia at the same time, and its Statehood Day coincided with the Croatian Statehood Day, on 25 June.

On 14 November 2019, the Croatian Parliament adopted a new law on holidays, and moved the Statehood Day back to 30 May.

Typical state activities on the occasion involve speeches by the President of Croatia and other dignitaries, as well as commemoration of the Croatian War of Independence.


The number of new cases of Covid-19 in the Republic of Croatia in the past 24 hours is zero, which means that the total number of patients who have infected coronavirus since the pandemic began remains at 2,245.

The Civil Protection Directorate reported that there are no new patients. So far, 65,509 people have been tested, 415 of them in the last 24 hours. There are 28 people in hospital and out of that, 4 patients are on a ventilator.

The total number of people who have made a full recovery is 2,059, and 8 people have recovered over the past 24 hours.

The total number of people who have died due to Covid-19 is 103, and today another patient sadly passed away.


EU and US ministers discussed security and justice issues in a pandemic in a video conference on Thursday, as well as visa reciprocity, which is being actively worked on "in this format, but also on a bilateral level," commented Croatian Interior Minister, Davor Bozinovic.

US citizens can travel to all EU member states without visas, while four EU members - Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus - still need visas to enter the US.

"We are working very actively on this issue in this format as well, but also on a bilateral level. We hope for progress when it comes to the visa waiver program," said Bozinovic, who chaired a virtual EU meeting with Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic and the United States.

Instead of a physical meeting in Dubrovnik, as was planned before the outbreak of Covid-19, the meeting was held online.

Interior ministers discussed cybercrime, terrorism, the spread of extremist propaganda, misinformation and travel restrictions, and other security challenges.

"Security challenges of a cross-border nature in the current conditions, I would say, not that they have not decreased, but are more pronounced in some areas than before," said Bozinovic.

He added that dialogue with the US should be continued and "the transatlantic partnership, to which the EU has always attached great importance, should be further strengthened".


Spanish airlines, Iberia and Vueling, announced on Thursday that they would return some flights from Madrid and Barcelona to foreign destinations, including Dubrovnik and Split, from the 1st of July, after those flights were suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since a state of emergency was declared in Spain on the 14th of March, Iberia has only operated foreign flights to London and Paris so that passengers can reach their destinations in an emergency. Tourist travel was banned, and border police checked the documents and certificates of those rare foreign passengers at airports.

But after the Spanish government announced on Monday that it would allow foreign tourists to arrive in the country from the 1st of July, Iberia and Vueling announced the gradual return of their flights.

In July, Iberia will open flights between Madrid and Dubrovnik, which will be one of its 15 foreign destinations. It will introduce an additional 28 destinations in Europe and North Africa in August.

"In order to restore customer confidence, we will not charge penalties for changing tickets purchased from today until the 30th of June, for flights until the 31st of December," Iberia said in a statement posted on its website on Thursday.

Iberia also had flights between Madrid and Zagreb and Zadar, but it is unknown at this time what will happen to them.

Iberia's business in July and August will be at 21 percent capacity compared to previously forecast this summer, and in the event of increased demand, capacity could increase to 35 percent.

Flights between Madrid and Split can be booked via Iberia's website from the 1st of July, and passengers will be transported by Vueling Airlines.

Iberia and Vueling, in fact, have a joint owner, the company International Airlines Group.

"We can confirm that we will gradually return flights from Barcelona to Dubrovnik and Split from July," said Vueling's spokesman Xabier Martinez Serrano.



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Over the past 24 hours in the Republic of Croatia there has been one new cases of Covid-19 detected, and unfortunately one more patient has passed away. The new case has been found in the Brod-Posavina County.

With today’s new case a total of 2,245 people have been infected with Covid-19 since the pandemic began.

So far, 65,094 people have been tested, of which 828 were tested in the last 24 hours. Across the country there are 33 people in hospital, and from the number 33 patients are on a ventilator.

On a positive note four more people have made a full recovery, meaning that 2,051 patients have now made a total recovery from Covid-19. The total number of people who have died due to the virus in Croatia is 102.


For the past 21 days, or a full three weeks, there have been no new cases of Covid-19 in the whole of the Dubrovnik – Neretva County. In fact, over the past 42 days there have only been eight new cases detected in the county.

Since the first case was detected in Konavle at the Dubrovnik Airport on the 18th of March a total of 118 people in the county have contracted the virus, of which 101 people have made a full recovery.

Yesterday, 20 samples were sent for analysis, and all 10 of them are negative, and the findings from the other 10 are still in processing. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,034 samples have been sent to Zagreb for analysis.

The number of hospitalized patients positive for Covid-19 hasn’t changed and there are 2 people in the Infectious Diseases Department of the Dubrovnik General Hospital.
A total of 5 people are still in self-isolation, and no violation of the self-isolation measure has been established in the last 24 hours.


For the third day in a row there are no new cases of Covid-19 in the Republic of Croatia. The Civil Protection Directorate announced today that over the past 24 hours there have been no new cases of Covid-19 in Croatia.

The total number of people who have contracted the virus since the pandemic began remains at 2,244. So far 64,266 people have been tested, of which 584 in the last 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, one person has made a full recovery, meaning that 2,047 people have recovered from Covid-19.

There are 6 patients on ventilators, and a total of 38 people are currently. There were no new deaths in the past 24 hours meaning that the Covid-19 death toll in Croatia remains at 101.

To add some global perspective to the Covid-19 figures in Croatia the deaths per million population in Croatia is currently 25, whilst in Belgium it is 808, in Spain 580, in the UK 546 and in the US 305.


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