Friday, 22 November 2019
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, met with US President Donald Trump and the First Lady, Melania today. Grabar Kitarovic was a guest at the Trump reception during the UN General Assembly.

The Croatian president warned at the UN on Tuesday the pollution of the world's oceans and seas, including the Adriatic Sea, a key resource for Croatia, which earns about 20 percent of GDP from tourism.

"I urge everyone - please stop throwing waste into our oceans and seas. It's our own future," Grabar-Kitarovic, said during her speech at the UN in New York.

The Croatian coast, visited by about 18 million tourists annually, is also polluted by plastic waste from southern neighbours, Montenegro and Albania.

"We cannot neglect the grave consequences on our nature and the significant economic losses that threaten us in the future," she added.

Much needed work on the infrastructure of the Dubrovnik hinterland has been carried out with the completion of the reconstruction of a road between Kliševo and Mrčevo.

The first section of the reconstruction of the road between these two Dubrovnik villages, above the coastal village of Trsteno, has been completed and the new 700-meter-long section is open.

Immediately after the completion of the repairing and tarmacking of this section, works continued on the remaining part of the road to Mrčevo, 2.5 kilometres in length, with the completion of the works scheduled for the end of this year.


The reconstruction of the entire road, which also included widening, is being carried out as part of the program of enhancing the maintenance of the city’s roads, and is financed and supervised by the City of Dubrovnik.

The total value of this investment, which will enable a better quality connectivity of this part of Dubrovnik's upper villages, and thus a new impetus for the development of rural tourism, is 8 million Kuna.


Probably one of the weirdest road traffic accidents we have seen this summer in Dubrovnik, and unfortunately there have been a few especially with scooter and motorbike riders. The driver of this car somehow managed to jump off the road and ended up sliding along the crash barrier.

The strange accident happened at around 9 o’clock this morning on the stretch of main coastal road between Veliki and Mali Zaton. Luckily the driver escaped without any injuries and no passers-by were hurt either.




Dubrovnik has once again found itself in the centre of a film production, but this time it isn’t the Game of Thrones or Star Wars but as the background for a major marketing campaign for one of the world’s leading fashion lines.

Sik Silk which brands itself as a “combination of street wear with huge inspiration from top athletes around the world along with the uprising street wear culture, which heavily influences most of the youth today,” has used the ancient streets of Dubrovnik as the background for a funky new advertising campaign.

The basketball court inside the Old City Walls was the scene of the latest video with former Scotland footballer Stephen James modelling the freshest designs. But it wasn’t only this video as many photos, with both male and female models, appear on the company’s website. Interestingly the Brazilian footballer Dani Alves has his own collection of designs with Sik Silk.

Check out the Dubrovnik Sik Silk video

Petrol prices at gas stations across Croatia have risen sharply from today. Petrol prices jumped to an average of 10.322 Kunas per litre and just a week ago the average price was 10.062 Kuna per litre.

As of today the price of diesel has increased to 10.062 Kuna per litre, whereas last week it was 9.873 Kuna.

Oil prices on the world markets rose about 6 percent last week, as a result of the drone attack on Saudi Arabia's largest oil plant, causing production to be cut by more than 5 million barrels a day, or 5 percent of global production.


The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) launched the largest peacetime repatriation yesterday to bring more than 150,000 people back to the UK. Yesterday, 64 flights operated to bring back more than 14,700 passengers, meaning that over 95 per cent of all those due to return yesterday were repatriated by the CAA.

74 more flights are scheduled to operate today, to bring back a further 16,500 passengers. And the flight programme will continue until Sunday the 6th of October with more than 1,000 flights planned.

“With 13 days remaining and approximately 135,300 passengers still to bring back to the UK, we are working around the clock, in conjunction with the Government and the aviation industry, to deliver the flying programme after Thomas Cook ceased trading,” commented the CAA.

Richard Moriarty, Chief Executive at the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Following the very sad news yesterday morning that Thomas Cook had stopped trading and its aircraft were grounded, we launched at the Government’s request our operation to return more than 150,000 people to the UK. A repatriation of this scale and nature is unprecedented and unfortunately there will be some inconvenience and disruption for customers. We will do everything we can to minimise this as the operation continues.

He added that “I am pleased to report that on day one we brought home over 95 per cent of people who were originally due back on this day with Thomas Cook; 14,700 people in total. We want people to continue to enjoy their holiday, so we will bring them back to the UK on their original departure day, or very soon thereafter.”


Dubrovnik, a true architectural masterpiece, an enchanting stage almost custom made for a Shakespearean play, as bespoke as can be. I’ve had the privilege to experience many great cities around the world, the likes of Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, etc. All cities historical wonders in themselves steeped in the wonderful, artistic, spellbinding history of medieval Europe boasting the marvels of the splendid baroque, gothic, renaissance architecture; but never have I witnessed a stage already set, effortlessly creating a truly magical experience of sights and sounds, elating the spirit, the mind and soul.

An experience of beauty, of peace, of cries of joy, of the magical twinkling of musical notes like stars in the night sky. The stunning baroque church shining in all its glory with saints and guardian angels perched on its intricate facade, inspecting its people with intrigue, offering love, comfort and protection.

Perched on the stage below the blissful harmony, a state of trance created by the philharmonic orchestra as it weaves its magic through the crowd, touching and enriching people’s souls. Each crescendo a feast for the mind, body and spirit, challenging our current lifestyle and transporting us back to a bygone era where music, food, love and romance was the order of the day. An era which we crave be able to wander the paved shining streets of Shakespeare’s times, to dive into the history, to be able to search for and find ones Romeo. To live, to love, to laugh; Isn’t that what life’s about? Tales of love, of sacrifices, tales of tragedies but ultimately culminating in happy endings....

Breathing freely in the open air under the serene night sky, surrounded by magnificent buildings standing proud in all their glory, encircling us like a warm sheltering embrace. It feels as if the saints and angels have awoken to the music of ‘Tonight’ to nurture and protect and remind us the true meaning of life. To love that little bit more, to breathe and fill our lungs with pride and happiness, to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our life, to take a step back and distress, to reach out and touch and feel the wonders of the world, reminding us of our existence and instilling in us our lost faith.

This evening I feel at peace in a state of pure relaxation, of tranquillity, of positivity, like I’m floating in the night sky light as a feather, dressed in a flowing white robe, devoid of any tension or stress, feeling pure, content with complete faith in the Almighty as if I too can wave my magic wand sprinkling stardust like the conductor below making everything alright. The splendidness of the evening enriching my being, a heightened sense of magic elevating my soul to a new world, a world of freedom.....of Libertas.

Dr Anjana Kumar (UK) 


The Peljesac bridge is being built at full steam, and now the saga around who will construct the access roads has finally come to an end with work expected to start soon. 

The Croatian government have announced that construction is moving fast and everything will be finished within the deadline. Construction of access roads for the new Peljesac Bridge by Greek company Avax should begin in a month.

The State Commission for the Control of Public Procurement Procedures rejected an appeal by the Austrian company Strabag. "After this, since the contract was an integral part of the competition, the contract will be signed very soon and start working" said Minister Oleg Butkovic.

The Greek company got a deal worth 511 million Kuna when it comes to access roads and the Ston bypass. And they have a 30-month deadline to complete the work.

The work on the bridge itself is progressing quickly and ahead of schedule and it seems that the bridge will completed before the access roads.


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