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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The summer festival of the patron saint of Dubrovnik, Saint Blaise, was celebrated last night with a Mass in the church of St. Blaise in Dubrovnik, led by the General Vicar of the Diocese of Dubrovnik, Mgr. Dr. Stanko Lasić.

The procession started, with the relic of the left arm of St. Blaise, from the cathedral and then entered into the St Blaise church at the main entrance. At the end of the Mass the relic of the arm of St. Blaise was returned to the cathedral treasury.

st blaise 2

bliase dubrovnik saint

A new golf course will open in Dubrovnik tomorrow, and no it isn’t the long awaited course on top of the Srd Mountain overlooking Dubrovnik, this “course” is in the ACI Marina Dubrovnik. The ACI Marina Dubrovnik will open the doors of the new golf training ground "Golf Range Concept.” It isn’t so much a golf course more a golf practise ground. With six putting holes, a sand bunker, chipping green, driving nets and a nine hole practise course this innovative project will make the ACI Marina Dubrovnik the first marina to offer such unique content to its guests.

golf dubrovnik aci marina dubrovnik

The project "Golf Range Concept” is the latest idea of building a golf training ground on the surface area of a tennis court. And the company stated that “With its innovation and excellent design, the Golf Range Concept promotes golf and makes it accessible to everyone, and consists of a golf training ground and mini golf course that includes all the elements of a professional golf course where all the tricks of real golf can be practiced.”

The Golf Range Concept project is built on the surface of a tennis court, i.e. about 600-800 m2. In the construction of a golf training ground, the most up-to-date materials and artificial grass were used for golf, which makes it possible for the golf training ground to be open all year round.

Professional golf equipment is also available - Dunlop sets of matching golf clubs, special sets for kids by age groups, balls and carts as well as mini golf clubs and balls - all included in the price for one hour of playing.

Three years ago in the strong international competition of many shipbuilders and manufacturers of steel structures, the Croatian shipyard Brodosplit was selected to participate in one of the largest construction projects in Italy's history.

The project ''Mose'' (Moses) worth more than 7 billion Euros is a project of protecting Venice from flooding. The Italian city usually floods fifty times a year, mostly in autumn and winter months, whilst every fifth year the entire city slightly sinks under the sea surface.

The Italian architectural and construction consortium Venezia Nuova selected the Croatian shipyard for construction of 63 steel gates in order to protect Venice from big problems caused by high tides.

venice floodgates

The project ''Mose'' envisaged the gates to be installed at the Malamocco, Chioggia and San Nicolo inlets situated between the sea and the Venice Lagoon. Thus, the main aim is to close all three canals just before the tide comes from the open sea.

The steel gates are constructed as special reservoirs filled with air, i.e. water. When filled with water the gates rest at the sea bottom, but when the tide approaches, they are filled with air and lifted towards the sea surface in order to close the entrances to the Venice Lagoon. When the danger passes, the air is pumped out of the gates, which are then filled with water again and placed on the seabed.

The immersion operations of the gates are very sensitive because the gates must reach depth of 14 metres thus they are lowered with a frame carrier installed at the installation site.

moses venice

The installation of the first gate was successfully carried out at the Malamocco inlet in February this year. It was a test that demonstrated the quality of the Brodosplit gates design and the validity of many systems developed in order to carry out all operations safely. It was also an opportunity to calibrate the systems in special conditions regarding the velocity of the current, the depth of the caisson, the weather and the sea conditions as well as the sea traffic in the Lagoon.

The process of installation of the tidal defensive system has been ongoing at the Malamocco inlet since February. The remaining gates are to be immersed in a row.
This big step forward in offshore projects is an important opportunity for Brodosplit for further positioning on the market that has a higher added value as well as for acquiring the necessary references for the next similar projects.

The Dubrovnik summer is about to get even hotter. After a period of instability that even saw a couple of thunderstorms the weather is about to stabilise and a mini heat wave is expected to roll over the region. From tomorrow the clouds will clear and the mercury will rise in thermometers, basically it is time to hit the beaches.

Thursday temperatures will reach 31 degrees whilst the hot spell will last for at least another ten days with constant temperatures in the low thirties and cloudless blue skies. This weekend will see temperatures at 33 degrees with high humidity expected. Experts are warning people to avoid the midday sun, from midday to 4.00pm, and to drink plenty of water.

Dubrovnik’s Ana Konjuh is into the third round of Wimbledon. After a mammoth match against the Romanian Irina Begu in the second round that lasted for 2 hours and 17 minutes. Konjuh, “the lioness of Lapad,” is now into the last 32 at Wimbledon 2017.

The first set was a long affair, finishing 7:6 for Ana, and then Konjuh lost the second set 2:6 before winning the match and the third set 6:3. The Dubrovnik tennis player will now play the Slovakian Dominika Cibulka in the fourth round.

The 19 year-old Konjuh, who is ranked at 27th in this year’s Wimbledon, will now play the eighth ranked Slovak Dominika Cibulka this Friday in the fourth round.

Ever since she married Prince William, Kate Middleton has been a regular guest in the Royal Box at Centre Court of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

In the latest BBC documentary ''Sue Barker: Our Wimbledon'' Middleton has spoken about her great love for tennis. The documentary also tells a story about 90 years of BBC's coverage of this great tennis spectacle in the United Kingdom.

During the conversation with Sue Barker, a sports commentator and journalist, and a former coach, Middleton talked about her love for tennis and a brilliant influence it has on young people.

It is interesting to note that the most successful Croatian tennis player and a Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanisevic is among some of the Wimbledon winners who fascinated Princess Kate. ''I was really taken by Agassi and Sampras, Ivanisevic and Steffi Graf'', Middleton recalled of her early days. She also unveiled that Roger Federer has been her mother’s heartthrob for years.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will open for 68th time on Monday, July 10th, at 9 pm in front of Saint Blasius Church. This traditional festival always offers a lot to tourists and locals and was presented today at the press conference in Hotel Excelsior.

The speakers were the Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic, the Deputy County Mayor Zaklina Marevic, the Executive Director Ivana Medo Bogdanovic and the Acting Artistic Director Mladen Tarbuk.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik congratulated all that were involved in making of this year’s festival.

- This year’s program shows the real Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It’s a combination of old and new, traditional and modern, national and international – said Frankovic and added that the City of Dubrovnik supports the festival.

The Dubrovnik Neretva County is also a great supporter of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, so the Deputy County Mayor wished a great success to this year’s festival.

Ivana Medo Bogdanovic exposed the financial plan, which goes to 12 million and 250 thousand kuna this year. She thanked the City of Dubrovnik for giving an extra 200 thousand kuna because that shows that the City government sees the idea behind the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

- The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is more than a manifestation, we wish to be a main partner to the City of Dubrovnik in organizing many other events – said Medo Bogdanovic.

Mladen Tarbuk presented this year’s program and the idea behind it.

- When it comes to the program, freedom is the main topic. What is freedom, are we free, can freedom be sold – that are the questions in today’s world and the art is here to answer – explained Tarbuk.

He also emphasized that there are 47 days of intense events – every day offers a lot to choose from. If you are interested in this year’s program of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival click here.

For the third day in a row the forest fires near Dubrovnik are continuing to burn. Two special fire-fighting planes from the Croatian armed forces have once again been sent to help with the situation. The fires broke out three days ago in the Dubrovnik hinterland around the villages of Trnovica, Cepikuce and Viscani around 45 minutes from Dubrovnik.

These special fire-fighting planes have already been in the skies over the region fighting the fires which are mainly in remote and hard to reach areas. So far it is estimated that the planes have dropped around 1,300 tonnes of water on the fires and over the past two days they have achieved around 40 hours of flying time.

Around 350 hectares of land have been affected by the fires and over 80 fire-fighters from ten different brigades have been involved.

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