Monday, 06 April 2020
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Good news for all drivers as petrol prices plummet in Croatia to under 9 Kuna a litre. As of midnight fuel prices across Croatia have been reduced. According to the Ministry of the Economy the average price of a litre of unleaded petrol is now 8.68 Kuna, a drop of 41 Lipa on the yesterday’s price.

The price to fill up an average tank with unleaded is from today 20 Kunas cheaper. The price of diesel has dropped slightly less drastically, yesterday a litre of diesel cost 8.68 Kuna, and today 8.54 Kuna.

This good news for drivers comes at a time when people shouldn’t be using their vehicles unless necessary as new restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus have been introduced.



Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo (79) announced on Sunday that he had been infected with coronavirus.

"I feel it is my moral obligation to report that I am positive for Covid-19, also known as coronavirus. My family and I are isolated, so we will stay medically fit for as long as possible, "he said via Facebook.

"We are all well at the moment but I'm coughing and I have a fever that made me decide to test and the result was positive. I ask you all to be extremely careful and to follow the recommendations of the health service, "he added.


The number of people infected with coronavirus in Croatia has risen to 361 with 46 cases confirmed this morning. The Croatian Minister of Health, Vili Beros, stated at a press conference this morning that “We have 361 patients, 45 more than at 4.00pm yesterday. One patient is worse and we have 6 on respirators at the moment.”

"The average age of patients is 49.05 years, 56 percent are men, 44 percent are women," the Health Minister added. Zagreb has 168 cases of coronavirus.

The authorities have stated that new measures are in force that prohibit people leaving their place of residence.

The Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic, appealed to citizens at the start of the press conference to stay at home. "I ask all parents not to go out with their children to the snow. If they do, the police will bring them home. Stay home,” he said.


It is snowing in Dubrovnik!

Freezing winds blasted over the Dubrovnik region this morning and as temperatures plummeted the snow has started to fall. Dubrovnik has literally gone from blue skies and mild spring weather to almost artic climes and a snow storm in just one day.

The snow still hasn’t settled on roads although the extreme temperatures and possible ice overnight are making driving conditions hazardous.

snow storm hits dubrovnik march 2020 1

Snow storm over Dubrovnik - Photo Mark Thomas 

The current temperature in Dubrovnik is a very chilly 3 degrees. Just a few days ago it was in the mid-teens with bright clear skies, with even a few people soaking up the rays on the beach whilst at the same time keeping their distance and wearing masks. The roads are now almost empty, with people following the coronavirus advice and avoiding the snow storm.



"What next! First coronavirus, then an earthquake in Zagreb and now snow in Dubrovnik, 2020 is a year to forget," commented a local as he hurried into his car after a shopping run for an elderly relative. 

The Dubrovnik forecast for tomorrow shows slightly warmer weather with 7 degrees and rain predicted, meaning that the snow shouldn't settle overnight, at least if we are to believe the weather forecasters. And from Wednesday temperatures will start to rise slowly to the mid-teens again. 

But for now an extremelly cold night is on the way for Dubrovnik and the wider region as the snow continues to fall heavily and is swirling in the bitterly cold wind.

The real feel temperature in Dubrovnik is zero degrees!


The number of people infected with COVID-19 in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County has risen to 22 with seven new cases reported. According to a press release from the Civil Protection Headquarters of Dubrovnik-Neretva County seven people have been hospitalised whilst the remaining patients are at home in self-isolation. All of the patients have mild symptoms.

On Monday a total of 136 samples were sent for analysis for COVID-19.

The National Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Republic of Croatia has issued a decision prohibiting citizens leaving their place of residence and permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia. Pursuant to that decision, it is prohibited to leave the place of residence and permanent residence.

The prohibition does not apply to:

1. Traffic and movement necessary for supplies 

2. Daily migrations of employees in services important for: provision of health and veterinary care, delivery of medicines and medical supplies, maintenance of communal services, water supply and sewerage, gas and electricity supply, security services

3. Media reporting to the public

4. Residents requiring urgent medical care

5. For vital family reasons, such as providing care for children or the elderly or purchasing food and essentials

6. Travel to and from work if doing the work is necessary and cannot be done from home

7. Emergency and operational services involved in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19


Geneva Wood, a 90-year-old grandmother, from Seattle is fast becoming a symbol of hope for everyone in the face of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. “There is hope,” stated Wood as she is slowly recovering from COVID-19.

Wood was recovering from a stroke at the Life Care Centre in Washington, and in fact she had almost recovered and doctors were planning on releasing her, then the 90-year-old unfortunately contracted COVID-19, and the whole centre was locked down.

“She is absolutely tough as nails,” James Neidigh, Wood’s grandson commented to TODAY. “She is definitely the type of person who could make it through anything.”

And this tough grandmother isn’t afraid of hard work as she spent her career working nights on a maternity ward, before obtaining a degree in hospital administration.

When Wood tested positive to COVID-19 on the 6th of March the whole family were shocked as she had literally just recovered from a serious stroke.

Speaking to TODAY her daughter, Cami Neidigh (60), commented “For her to fight back from that stroke and to go through all that rehab, and it’s a stupid virus that is going to take her out, of all things, it was just shocking.”

However clearly Wood is clearly a fighter and has started to recover and has become a symbol of hope in these troubled times.


After Croatia activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, several member states immediately responded and sent assistance, and the Copernicus' European satellite crisis program is helping to map the areas affected by the earthquake, the European Commission announced on Monday.

"Croatia has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In an emergency response, the Commission has already assisted in sending tents, beds, mattresses, heaters and sleeping bags from Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Italy, which will be quickly dispatched to the affected area," said the Commission spokesman Eric Mamer at a video conference.

In addition, the EU's Copernicus satellite program, which provides information services collected through Earth observation by satellites, helps to produce maps of the affected area, Mamer added.

"The European Union is here to help Croatia in these difficult times. European assistance is already on the way and I thank Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Italy for their offer through the Civil Protection Mechanism. Our thoughts are with those affected and with national services "We are ready to provide further assistance," said Crisis Commissioner Janez Lenarcic.


In these challenging times when we are isolating in our homes we all need something to take our minds of the situation and to transport us, virtually, to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. And that is exactly what the popular YouTube site “Cities in 4K” have created, a special stay at home video and all in glorious 4K.

And there is a special treat after 2 minutes and 32 seconds…check it out!

The guys at Cities in 4K sent us this video and we certainly support their project.



“During these hard times we decided to create this video to ask all people over the world to stay at their homes so this situation changes into a positive end as soon as possible. So please take it very serious and make yourself comfortable at home. This video is a combination of day to night time lapse videos from different cities all over the world, like Venice, Berlin, Zagreb, Lion, etc. Like a lot of people this affected us and our channel very much, so we are not able to travel in the nearly future and so it is good to take a look on the cities we travelled in the past,” commented the staff at Cities in 4K on their social media.


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