Sunday, 05 April 2020
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


Stjepan Hauser, one half of the popular cello duo, 2Cellos, has recorded a romantic stay at home video with his stunning Italian girlfriend, Benedetti Caretti.

Hauser and Ceretti have released a haunting version of Celine Dion’s Titanic hit “My Heart Will Go On” and have called it their “Quarantine version.” And the Croatian heartthrob cello star commented on his Instagram account that “Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on...” Who do you miss the most that you can’t see during this quarantine?!

Check out this beautiful quarantine version by Stjepan Hauser and Benedetti Caretti.


The number of people infected with COVID-19 coronavirus in Croatia rose overnight by 49 with a new total of 635 people infected with the virus. Four people have unfortunately died from coronavirus in Croatia - a caterer from Istria, a man from Zagreb, a woman from Slavonski Brod and a woman from Pula. There are currently 20 patients on respirators and in more positive news 45 people in Croatia have recovered.



"We have 49 newly confirmed patients this morning, compared to yesterday's increase, the number is smaller. Most of these new patients come from a single micro-location where we have introduced special epidemiological measures and expect the infection to continue at this rate. We have tested 4,938 people. Unfortunately, four people have died, a patient in Pula died last night,” commented the Health Minister, Vili Beros.

The director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, dr. Fran Mihaljevic, Alemka Markotic, commented on the number of Zagreb staff caring for patients. "They are working at the Clinic around the clock, I have to commend them all," she said. And she added that “The patients are mostly of mild to moderate severity, we have 10 people on respirators at the Clinic, one person is critical."


Since the start of the implementation of measures to alleviate business difficulties due to coronavirus, the Regional Employment Office of Dubrovnik has received 687 requests from employers for support in overcoming the crisis.

According to a source, by the middle of this week, close to 2,500 people have been registered at the unemployment office in Dubrovnik. And if this continues, Dubrovnik could see more than 3,000 unemployed people who were lost their jobs due to reduced workload.

“According to our data on Thursday alone more than 230 lost their jobs and were registered as unemployed,” said source in the business world to Dubrovacki Vjesnik.


So how are you spending our days? So here we all are, all stuck in the same situation, and all stuck at home. It’s kind of like a mass version of Home Alone. From a glance at social media people are getting creative with their time at home. And even though it might be boring it could be much worse.

Let’s face it we are being asked to stay at home, watch TV and sit on the couch. My grandfather was a prisoner of war for years in the second world war, we are hardly being asked to sacrifice much are we. I read a brilliant post from a friend in Canada the other day “If Anne Frank - at 15 could sit quietly in a 40 metres squared attic for 761 days - do your part, STAY home!! For God’s sake put your life in perspective!” Yes, that sums it up perfectly.

How long we will all remain on our couches is still up for debate, one month, two, who knows? Photos of people stuck at home bombarded us all day.

I can only presume that in one month’s time these photos, or rather the look of the people in the photos will look slightly different. One friend who works in a well-known drogerie and is one of the few people that are still allowed to work told me wife that “the first weeks everyone was buying hand sanitisers and soaps, that soon changed and by week three our biggest seller was hair colour.” When we all emerge from our quarantine only our mothers will recognise us.

Yes, it is boring to be at home, but imagine what it is like on the front line. The health workers and emergency services, professions that we tend to take for granted until something like this happens and then we are all grateful. The spirit of unity is high. People are coming together for the common good. Why we can’t all do this in peace time is beyond me. Just think what we could achieve if this positive energy was channelled in the right direction all year round.

Coronavirus, earthquakes and even snow storms in Dubrovnik – do you think Mother Nature is trying to send us a message. The planet has been raped and plundered since we were able to stand up straight. Is the planet fighting back?

I read a report on the BBC the other day which stated “As the burning of fossil fuels has dropped, air quality has improved significantly, the Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo (Cicero) has said and the impact will be felt worldwide.” Fish have started to come back to the channels of Venice, the air quality in Beijing has improved and China has announced a permanent ban on trade in and consumption of wildlife.

Whilst there can be no doubt that COVID-19 is the greatest and indeed deadliest attack on civilisation in generations, it is also necessary to filter out some of the positive side-effects. Here are my top five, in no specific order.

1 - It will make us realise that national boundaries are artificial – every nation in the world has at some time fought over its borders, from the Balkans to Brexit. Think now just how petty that was.

2 - It might make us more realistic about medicine – we live in a society where we all expect an instant answer, everything must happen now, when we want it. This virus will teach us that we aren’t always the masters of our own destiny.

3 - It might remind us that we need to respect our planet – it took a deadly virus to show us that our pollution is all choking us and our planet, how stupid we all are!

4 - It will make us realise that people are not islands – coronavirus is the greatest equaliser. It doesn’t discriminate between race, religion, age, etc. It kills us all. And yet we micro separate people into categories that best suit our own beliefs.

5 – It might help us get our arses off the couch and to get creative – sounds strange but in these times when we are being told to sit on the couch we aren’t actually being told just to watch TV. Forced quarantine might help us to get creative, to unleash the painter in us, to free the writer, to stir our creative juices. Don’t be a couch potato – be a couch creator!

And finally #stayathome


As the Minister of Defence welcomed the plane full of Croatian soldiers back home the whole plane broke out with applause. The members of the Croatian contingent of the NATO mission to Afghanistan were flown home by a Croatian Airlines plane on Friday evening, landing at Zagreb Airport.

According to the Croatian government's decision on the transport to the Republic of Croatia of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces who participated in the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan, 140 members of the 11th Croatian contingent were returned from the mission, according to a statement. And the Minister of Defence, Damir Krstičević, welcomed them home as they entered Croatian airspace.

"Dear members of the 11th Croatian contingent, welcome to Croatian airspace. On behalf of the Croatian Government, thank you for your professionally accomplished mission and contribution to peace and stability. Welcome home!", said the Minister.

In modern society, travel and study seem to have some connection. Some people believe that travel has the potential of broadening their minds. Travelling exposes people to new places, which enables them to reach their dreams. Both studying and travelling provide people with great opportunities of discovering themselves. To understand more about combing study and travel, we will discuss the best various. They include -  

Taking online courses

Due to emerging technology, many universities and colleges across the world are offering online courses. These courses enable the student to acquire enough credits, which are similar to offline classes. Hence, traveling students need to consider the availability of their online dream courses. However, these courses tend to be less flexible as compared to the free online ones. Thus, they require traveling students to acquire fast and stable internet. To be able to complete their assignment in time. Also, they can buy a custom research paper if they lack time in the trip.

Travel during holidays or around coursework

Travel for college students can happen during long weekends or holidays. Students can prolong their travels by skipping some of their classes before the start or after the holiday. However, they need to take extra caution while planning for the trip, since they can cause severe adverse effects in the studies. On the other hand, students can travel around their coursework. Going for a trip during this time can be very important when one is experiencing stressful studies. By traveling, one can see other things outside the campus room, which can help them in relaxing their mind. However, to achieve the best results from the tip, it requires students to be disciplined. They can accomplish this by setting their right priorities.

Be a clever traveler

To be a smart traveler, one requires to have vast knowledge on different ways of saving time during the travel. To study well during traveling the best option is to order cheap essays for sale and to save time for the next trip, students can use the One can save more time by making an earlier booking of transport to and from the airport. Moreover, saving time can involve taking extra care of the necessary studying tools such as laptops and Wi-Fi. The traveling student needs to perform thorough research on the city they will be visiting. Moreover, they need to look for cheap vacation facilities provided to college students. For instance, they can search for facilities that offer a free and stable internet connection. Furthermore, they should consider looking for ways to travel free to save more money. In most cases, searching for these places take more time, but getting the right place saves more time in the future.

 man looking at apple watch 800

Plan your time well

It is necessary to plan vacation time well. Students should avoid going for long trips while they have significant exams or assignments to complete. Moreover, it is essential to plan for easy access to stable and cheap Wi-Fi. It is also crucial to prepare for the safety of the laptop to ensure it does not get lost during the trip. For trips that cover a long distance, students should also consider studying during the travel time.

Take a course that has a study abroad unit

Globally, some travel universities offer worldwide exchange programs for various courses. These courses require students to go overseas and study. They include tourism and hospitality internships. For an adventurous traveler destination to most of the countries would be enjoyable. But, for people with travel preferences, some destinations would create some disappointment. Hence, it is crucial for students to do thorough research on the availability of the study abroad option on the target area of their research. Moreover, they need to understand the countries they will be going for their study to avoid disappointments.

Set the right study goals

It is vital for students to first set their study goals before planning for their travel. One can set the right intentions by thinking about the time they need to study during the trip and the free time, which will be left. Thus, it is good to be careful and realistic while setting these goals. One can achieve realistic goals by making plans based on the real study experience they might have gone through. Students can do this by writing down the time they spend on their daily studies. By realizing this, one can set the right goals, which can enable them to have a good time on the trip and remain productive at the same time.

In conclusion, students can travel and study at the same time. Travelling can be an excellent opportunity for them since it can broaden their minds. However, to achieve a productive study and enjoy the trip at the same time. It requires the students to implement some tips. These tips include setting the right study goals, studying online, planning their time well, and being smart travelers.


"This has been an increase of 91 cases in the past 24 hours. Currently, 586 people are infected," commented the Health Minister, Vili Beros, today at 4:00 pm at a media conference. Making today the worst day in terms of new cases since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The average age of patients in Croatia is 48.02 and from the total number of infected people 54 percent are male and 46 percent female.



"If you do not stay home and do not adhere to the measures, we will have a problem. People have to stick to it because otherwise they put others at risk and it is not good, everyone around them, even staff in hospitals, will be infected," emphasized the Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic.

Three people have died so far in Croatia - a caterer from Istria, a man from Zagreb and a woman from Slavonski Brod. The number of people cured has increased by 15, and now there are 37 people who have been cured of COVID-19 in Croatia.

Once again the historic old City core of Dubrovnik looked like a ghost town today as citizens continued to follow the strict restrictions and kept themselves in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cobbled stone streets were completely empty, even the cats seemed to be keeping themselves in quarantine.

The southerly winds brought with them a good helping of rain and clouds and the Adriatic waves crashed into the base of the iconic City Walls. On a positive note there were no new cases of coronavirus in Dubrovnik, in fact one patient has been given the all clear, and the total number of cases remains at 26.

Check out our photo gallery from the Old City of Dubrovnik today

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