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Fedde Le Grand in Dubrovnik Fedde Le Grand in Dubrovnik Culture Club Revelin

“I can’t explain why I'm so in love with Dubrovnik” - Fedde Le Grand

Written by  Aug 11, 2016

On the eve of the opening of the Revelin 2016 Festival we caught up with the headliner, and one of the most recognisable DJs in the world, the Dutchman Fedde Le Grand. Fedde is no stranger to the city; in fact he has even played at the Culture Club in Dubrovnik before.

The Dutch DJ performs around two hundred concerts a year all over the world, although he admitted in this candid interview that before the big night in Dubrovnik he has a little stage fright. Tonight, the 11th of August, is the opening night of the Revelin Festival 2016, it will be a wild night in Culture Club with Fedde Le Grand.

“It is not always easy to come back and perform more than once in the same city or club. You feel much better, if in the meantime, you spend some time in the studio and record some new material. You always want the audience to get a good balance between what they expect the biggest hits, and plenty of new things that you are doing. It wouldn’t be nice that the audience make their way out of the club and have the feeling that everything was the same as last time,” commented the Dutch DJ before his Dubrovnik performance.

Fedde is always calm and polite, always happy to speak to the media, however when it comes to work he is dedicated and studious. And this very work ethic has catapulted Fedde to the very top of his profession; he is without doubt one of the most sought after DJs in the world. He travels the world in a private plane, performs in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and gets to visit some amazing countries; however there is another dimension to the jet-set lifestyle.

“In some segments of this business the lifestyle is very glamorous. I have the good fortune that the organizers of festivals take very good care of me. I stay in some great hotels and expensive cars come to pick me up from airports. However people are not always aware of how much I am actually giving up. I almost never get to see my family and my friends have to travel with me or I wouldn’t see them either. This isn’t a job that you only work on the weekends and sleep for the rest of the week. I run a record label and the paperwork that goes with that is very unglamorous and extremely tedious. I go to meetings and have plenty of other obligations around the business. Although I don’t have to go to the recording studio every day, I do, because I have a desire to create new and fresh music. Luckily I am a workaholic so I am quite happy to work hard all day every day,” concluded the Dutch ace.

fedde le grand culture club

Through his rich and varied career Fedde has received numerous awards and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Coldplay, Madonna, Robbie Williams and Fat Boy Slim. However, Fedde admits that, like most musicians, he is terribly nervous when playing a new track on stage for the first time.

“In the studio you are a little isolated, but then comes that moment when all the love, effort and time that you have invested into a new project, it has to be presented to the public. And, of course, they have the privilege to criticize, or simply not to respond to what they hear. And you thought it was awesome! The worst is when the audience doesn’t react at all when they hear a new track for the first time, although thankfully that rarely happens,” concluded Fedde.

Fedde is a self-confessed Dubrovnik fan. He has played in the Culture Club before and over the years has proved to be a great ambassador for the city.

“Whenever I come to Dubrovnik I feel at home. You know, I just can’t describe in words why I'm so in love with this city. At this time of night, and we are talking at 1 o’clock in the morning, the streets are immersed in a strange peace. The city is so quiet and so mysterious at the same time. I'll keep coming back, ever when I am 80 years old,” smiled Fedde. We believe him.

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