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At times I feel like a mascot for the city - Katarina Dadic

Written by  Jul 31, 2016

On the Puca Street in the heart of the Old City is a store that is well known by all citizens of Dubrovnik. It is affectionately known as “the fishing supplies shop,” and “Kate’s,” although these aren’t the official names.

The owner, Katarina Dadic, known as Kate started working in the shop in 1985, this a love story between Kate and fishing that has been going on for three decades. If you are looking for filling up on fishing supplies whilst in the city pay a visit to Kate.

“I have been here for thirty years and at times I feel like a mascot for the city. In the winter the boutique almost gets converted into a living room, we get out the coffee machine and the debates begin. In the summer the whole face of the shop changes and we have plenty of interest from tourists,” explained Kate.

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The shop is a treasure trove of fishing supplies, beach wear, snorkels; flippers...pretty much everything you need to be in or near the sea. The Puca Street, which runs parallel with the main street the Stradun, is a lively mix of small shops and local trades. It is a busy and atmospheric journey.

“If someone asked me to move my shop to make way for a souvenir shop I would tell them no way, before you used to be able to buy everything you wanted inside the walls, those days have long gone,” adds Kate. “People drop by just to pass the time of day, from all over the region; we have become a soul of the city, some drop by just for a coffee. I think the tourists appreciate the heart that the shop has,” smiles Kate.

She adds that she isn’t really a keen fisher, although of course she is well versed in all the necessary vocabulary. Drop by to Kate’s, pick up a new swimming costume or just catch up on the news around the city.

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