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INTERVIEW – Morana Petricevic – GO LOCAL providing information on local products and restaurants that have a delivery service during the COVID-19 crisis

Written by  Mar 29, 2020

Morana Petricevic, the founder of Zagreb Expat an English-language portal for the Croatian business and international community in Zagreb that provides literally everything you need to live in Zagreb, from doctors, lawyers, restaurants and real estate agencies to schools, language training and places to meet other members of the expatriate community, formed a few days ago a new branch called Expats in Zagreb GO LOCAL.

The new community GO LOCAL is providing information on local products and restaurants that have a delivery service during the Covid-19 crisis. Embassies, International Woman’s Club Zagreb as well as local producers have been supportive since forming of the group. Joining the group you will find information on how to order coffee from producers such as Eliscaffe and Lively Roasters, meat products from Meat The King, winemakers Matošević, Kabola, Ipša, Ritoša, convenience food producer Jedem Doma, pastry and bread producer Kata gluten free bread and local vegetables and fruit farmers.

How did you come to idea to form community GO LOCAL and how do you seeing helping our economy?

Some months ago I was interviewed by a Japanese business association that is part of a Personal Branding Program to talk about Croatia, it's hospitality sector and economy. To be more precise we talked about my experience working in the wine sector as well as the growth of gastronomy. We touched on the subject of COVID-19. I never made that interview public because of my views on how I thought it would affect our economy. I did not think that it was my “job” to express concern. Politics should do that, right? So life went by until few weeks ago. COVID-19 became a Croatian reality and yet again I had a request from the association to do a follow up interview.

Earthquakes started to happen, then two days later we had a weather alarm and the number of infected people with the virus started to grow. I remember finishing my interview around 7:00am local time and could not breathe. I went into a deep thinking mode about when all this done and forgotten when will we again have social closeness like before?! How long before we don’t have a 2 metres gap between us? I knew there was something I could do: one to help and two not to lose my mind. So the idea of forming international online informative farmers market was born. The idea is to give both international and local citizens information in one place on local restaurants and producers that deliver food and wine to your doorsteps. It is a win-win situation for all.

The community is growing and more and more producers are taking part daily by posting their offers. It will not save our economy but it will help a little.

morana zagreb 2020

Morana Petricevic - Photo Facebook 

Do you see it developing after the coronavirus crisis?

Yes, as you mentioned in your introduction Zagreb Expat has existed for few years now, well not only in Zagreb. This is a global movement. We share our knowledge, information and contacts among ourselves. It was formed with that exact intention and right now is providing information about medical help, real estate, new government regulations that change sometimes daily. It is a lot of work these days. This new branch is created to become even more informative in the future. My wish is that producers and restaurants use it for their own promotion. Before we use to come to them and as years went by it become mutually beneficial. The goal is to get information in one place and fast. We take care of each other, that is the number one rule.

Who can join?

Everybody! You are sharing the link today so please everybody who is producer or restaurant owner, join! Also those who are looking for recommendation on this topic. The doors are open for all people with good will.

Are you doing this alone? How many people are involved in this?

I started this initiative alone, but like in all our branches people who are part of the group are equally important, they all have their role. They communicate among each other and share their findings as well. If anything, I would say my role is much smaller than others. The community is about people and not individuals. I need to thank our silent partner International Women's Club Zagreb. We support each other’s work and collaborate both on social and charity events. We work very well together. We are both socially aware communities and have the same moral beliefs as well as understanding of our role in community.

What would say to our community?

Share, join and #StayHome. Let's all do our part.

To join the community, click this link 



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