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Ines Trickovic to perform on Lokrum Ines Trickovic to perform on Lokrum Pete Thompson

“I can’t imagine a more perfect place in which to hold a concert – Ines Trickovic

Written by  Jul 20, 2016

On the eve of a concert by the talented Dubrovnik born jazz singer Ines Trickovic we caught up with her for a blitz interview. “All of my life I am on Lokrum, my family actually lived on Lokrum and it is just a place that relaxes and inspires me. I can’t imagine a more perfect place in which to hold a concert,” commented Trickovic.

The concert will be held on the island of Lokrum on Saturday the 23rd of July at 9pm and Trickovic thanked the Lokrum Reserve for all their help. Tickets are priced at 160 Kuna and are on sale at the offices of the Lokrum Reserve (Od Bosanke 4) and in the Old City harbour at the ticket desk for the Lokrum ferry. A special ferry for the concert will leave at 8.30pm.

Trickovic, who spends her time between three bases Dubrovnik, New York and Macau caused a sensation in the musical world in April this year when she performed in the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York where she promoted her second album “Tales of Quiet Lands and Other Stories.” And now audiences in her home town will have the chance to get that special Carnegie Hall feeling as Ines will perform an identical concert to the one she wooed the New Yorkers with. Along with her friends, Julian Shore (USA), Joe Pandur (Croatia), Shin Sakaino (Japan) and Alan Polzer (Croatia), the concert is certain to be a magical evening.

The concert on Lokrum will be identical to the one you performed in Carnegie Hall in April this year. Can you describe the feeling of walking out onto the stage of one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world?

That was one the craziest moments so far in my career. It was surreal being on stage with my amazing band and also to be a part of such a legacy. Fortunately I was so busy with all the preparation for the show that I didn't have too much time to think about it, I just did my thing I always do, which is to sing. Then a few weeks after the show i realized what it actually meant and what I did achieve.

Why is performing on the island of Lokum so special for you?

Lokrum has been a place for me where I first learned to walk, talk, swim, my first love.

Who or what are your musical inspirations?

Chet Baker, Bjork, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, John Coltrane... Nature, sound of wind, sea... Smell of earth after the rain.. Birds... Everything...

Performing on “your island” will certainly be an emotional experience, has this made you more anxious or more relaxed?

I feel actually very relaxed and calm and know it's a perfect spot to bring my music to Dubrovnik audience.

What can the audience expect from the big night on Lokrum?

The program is set up to fit good for the audience that already follows my shows but also audience that will hear me for the first time. Just like I did in Carnegie.

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