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Cara McLeay: I love the mix of history and beautiful beaches - Dubrovnik is my dream city!

Written by  Jul 05, 2016

Cara McLeay is a beautiful blogger who has recently visited Dubrovnik and absolutely fell in love with it.  Her website, A Fashion Love Affair started in 2011 as a place for Cara to share her inspirations and love for fashion, travel and everything in between. She has been a real hit on Instagram with her Dubrovnik photos. For The Dubrovnik Times she shared some details about blog, fashion and especially her impressions about Dubrovnik.
What does your blog mean to you?
My website started as a hobby that allowed me to enter into the fashion world after working in marketing. I soon decided I wanted to work in fashion, and continued to grow my blog while working as a Fashion Buyer at Secret Location in Vancouver. My passion grew into a business, and now I am lucky enough to call A Fashion Love Affair my passion and full time job! It is a dream come true and means the world to me.
Are you surprised with the number of followers you get every day?
Social media was a game changer in the blogging world, and I am so grateful for each and every follower I get each day, they are the reason I am able to pursue my dream job!
What is the secret of having a well visited blog?
Consistency is a big one, and making sure that you are proud of everything you put up and share. And taking risks!

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How important is the fashion for you?
It is everything! I absolutely love fashion and believe that what we put on each day can help us feel confident & beautiful. I know that there are many things that go on in the world today that are so important to know and learn about, but I do know that feeling wonderful inside & out is very important for everyone, too - It is the little things that can bring so much joy.
How long it takes you to get ready?
I love looking natural - so for me in terms of beauty, I like to wear mascara & blush, and I can curl my hair in about 6 minutes - Sometimes picking an outfit can take a little time, but generally I can be ready between 15-20 minutes.
Do you plan your clothing combinations according to the destination?
Absolutely! The weather is also a huge factor - Packing for New York Fashion Week in January, for example, is very different than packing for Croatia in the summer. I always make sure to do my research before travelling to check the weather and to know a little bit about the country itself. I also love to shop everywhere I go, I always love the fashion in different places and it makes for a wonderful souvenir to bring something back that you can wear again and again from that place.
Why did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?
I have heard so many amazing things about Dubrovnik, and I absolutely love the mix of history and beautiful beaches - It is my dream city!
How was your Dubrovnik experience?
Absolutely amazing - Dubrovnik is breathtaking - We drove in and got to see the Old Town from above which was just beautiful, and we just kept getting amazed at every turn - The water, the beaches, the city, it is all so stunning!

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What's your favorite thing about Dubrovnik?
I absolutely loved swimming in the Adriatic, actually - the turquoise waters are just glorious! I also watched the sunset from high up on the the Old Town wall, and that was magical as well.
What to wear in Dubrovnik?
Dubrovnik has so much to do, and we walked a lot, especially when we visited the Old Town. It was also very hot out, so I opted for easy comfortable sundresses & tie up sandals that were perfect for exploring in the day but were dressy enough to work for dinner as well.
Did you like the style that you saw around the streets?
Yes! Everyone looked chic yet comfortable, which is my favourite look.
What are your future plans?
Next we head to Split and then are going back to Italy (where we began our trip) to visit Rome and then fly back to Canada. I will be back though very soon, I absolutely loved my visit!

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