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Melody Tan: I loved being able to sit on the rocks with a glass of wine and watch the sunset

By  Jun 20, 2016

Melody Tan is Chinese-Singaporean, living in Singapore with dreams of moving to London.  She has been a blogger at Missing avenue since she was 14 and kept her passion for writing from 2007 til now. She loves traveling and fashion and photos from her latest trip, Dubrovnik, have drawn much intention on Instagram. Every photo taken in Dubrovnik and posted on her Instagram profile Meowiie, where she describes herself as 'part cat', has been in top posts! So, naturally, she has drawn our attention and we wanted to meet her better.

Why did you decide to start your blog?

Started 8 years ago just for the fun of it and never expected to still be loving it.

How did your blog improve you?

It's made me want to do things with a purpose. To want to document my life and share it with my readers. And also helped me to understand what I really want.

How do people react on your writing?

I guess it's not too much of a big reaction. Sometimes I get comments on the things I write and it's usually good.


Where did you travel and what is your dream destination?

I've travelled around Asia, Europe and the US. My favorite was Morocco. And my dream destination is India.

Why Meowiie? Part time cat?

My friends say I look like a cat. So I thought meowiie would be funny since my friends call me meow anyway.

How did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?

My friend wanted to shoot her engagement photos and has told me so much about how beautiful Dubrovnik is. So I went. No regrets! It's stunning.

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How did you like it, what is your favorite thing?

I like how relaxed it is. How easy it is to get around the old town and see familiar faces after spending a few days there. And how rustic the old town feels while being positioned just in front of the Adriatic Sea. I loved being able to sit on the rocks/cliffs with a glass of wine in hand and watch the sunset.

Did you see the cats on the streets?

Yes! Many. I meowed at every one of them.


How did you pick your clothing combinations for Dubrovnik?

It was warm and sunny for the most part. I like relaxing, comfortable clothes that have a laid back feel to it.

What are your future plans?
Travel more!

Melody Tan: I loved being able to sit on the rocks with a glass of wine and watch the sunset
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