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Diana Marlais, co-owner of the Dubrovnik Escape Room Diana Marlais, co-owner of the Dubrovnik Escape Room Mark Thomas

Will you beat the room or will the room beat you?

Written by  Jun 11, 2016

Just the name intrigued us, Escape Room, what are we escaping from or whom! This is a concept you are either already hooked on or have no idea what it is, we fell into the second category. But once we found out we couldn’t wait to try. It is all about using your brain, working as a team, solving puzzles, thinking logically and discovering the clues. This first ever Escape Room in Dubrovnik has a Game of Thrones theme; we caught up with one of the co-owners, Diana Marlais, to seek some clues.

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“The first time I played an Escape Room I was hooked, the adrenaline was pumping, I loved it and thought it would be a great idea to open one in Dubrovnik,” said Marlais adding that it was exciting to start a new offer for tourists in the city.

The Dubrovnik Escape Room opened its doors to the public just recently but it has already proved a hit with locals and tourists. Marlais, along with Bogdan Dascalescu, decided to theme the room with the Game of Thrones. “Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones are forever connected but the city has yet to fully realise the potential of this great brand,” commented the couple.

When we heard the words Escape Room we guessed that we would be locked away, however this room has a twist. In an hour you have to discover all of the clues solve the riddles and logically get to the end of the Game of Thrones story.

You are an in a medieval alchemy lab and have to find the hidden wildfire jar to save King’s Landing, or in fact Dubrovnik, from Stannis Baratheon. But you don’t have to be a Game of Thrones freak to enjoy the fun. “Everyone who has played the room has really enjoyed it, it is all about communication and teamwork,” said Marlais adding that up to five people can play the room at the same time. “We try not to give too many hints as we want players to have that “Aha” moment, of course we help them along the way but we really want players to immerse themselves in the room and the game,” concluded the couple.

Dubrovnik Escape Room
Will you beat the room or will the room beat you? This great new gaming experience in Dubrovnik is a breath of fresh air on the tourist attraction scene. We would highly recommend giving it a go. Wrap yourself up in a game that will have you scratching your heads and then, as the guys said, you will have that “Aha” moment. Adrenaline pumping you are off to solve the next clue and beat the room...or will the room beat you!

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