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FashionContainer ladies: Wandering the City Walls at sunset is just mesmerizing

Written by  May 25, 2016

Fashion, travel and passion – that's what's hidden under the name FashionContainer. Team, that is made of two young multi-talented girls, Malena Permentier and Tatiane Kozijn, has just visited Dubrovnik and we couldn't help but notice their perfect photos from our town all over social media. Malena is mostly the model and Tatiane the photographer. We caught up with Malena who shared their Dubrovnik experience with us, as well as the details about this really interesting blog. The first post from Dubrovnik is already here, so feel free to take a look.
How did you decide to start a blog together?
We didn't actually start the blog together. Back in 2012 I started it on my own. When I moved back to the Netherlands from Australia early 2015 Tatiane joined up and we've been a 2 girl power team ever since.

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Why did you choose travel and fashion for your topics?
They're two things I feel very passionate about and making them come together both on social media as on the blog is a dream come true! As a team we started making a lot of big travel plans since about a year and then we just asked ourselves 'why not just combine the two?'. As we were travelling and shooting projects for FashionContainer all the time,  it kind of evolved naturally.
Who are the readers of FashionContainer?
They're strong minded, adventurious and super stylish young women!
Does Tatiane ever go in front of the camera?
For our travel series, absolutely yes! But because Tatiane is the photographer, most of the time we need her behind the lens instead of in front.

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Who picks out the outfits? How long it takes for you to get ready?
I pick out and style all my outfits. When I travel, I always prepare my outfits before I leave meaning that when I'm on location I don't need much time to prepare them. Believe it or not, but most days it takes me no longer than 30 minutes to get ready. And yes, that's with make-up, hair and all!
Do you adapt the style to the destination? How often do you travel?
Always! For example here in Dubrovnik, I went for lots of white, neutrals and a cute floral print here and there. Next week we're heading to Morocco and I'll choose more bright and vibrant outfits to match the atmosphere. It depends on the month, but usually we travel at least 3 times. Sometimes we even stay away from home for 2 months straight, like we did last December and January when we travelled the Caribbean and Central America.

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Why did you choose to come to Dubrovnik?
I heard a lot about the unique Old Town of Dubrovnik and we wanted to see it for ourselves! We stayed for 5 days but wished we could have stayed longer.
What are your impressions?
We absolutely loved Dubrovnik. The Old Town is unlike anything we've ever seen and the views and history are just amazing.
What is your favorite part of Dubrovnik?
The Old Town for sure. Our favourite thing to do was wandering the City Walls at sunset. Just mesmerizing!

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Which style suits Dubrovnik the best?
I'd say elegant with a little beach vibe.
What do you think of the style of the ladies in Dubrovnik?
It's hard to tell whether they're local or tourist, right? From what I've seen the ladies look very elegant.
What is your next destination?
I already spilled that above: Morocco! We're very excited to visit this country for the first time.


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All photos made by: Tatiane Kozijn

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