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Laura Hyatt, 'Heroine in Heels': You don't have to do a lot in Dubrovnik, just walk around and enjoy it

Written by  May 23, 2016

Laura Hyatt couldn't dream that blogging as a hobby would turn into her real job. This 24 year owner of ''Heroine in heels'' usually writes about her London adventures, but nowadays she has a new adventure to write about – her solo trip to Dubrovnik! We caught up with her during her stay, just before she went for a cruise along the Croatian coast. We really enjoyed talking to this inspirative, young woman.
Why ''Heroine in heels''?
I called it that because it started as a blog for the modern women. I was thinking about women who have careers, go out and are into fashion, that I see as heroines. I started it when I was moving to London, when I had a full time job as a journalist. I was writing about the places where I went to in London, bars, restaurants. Now my blog is a full time job!
When did you start your blog?
November 2013. Two and a half years ago, but I've been only doing it full time for the last six weeks. I actually lost my job and I thought ''You know what? I'm going to make this full time!''. I've been making money of it before, but now I get a lot more time to do it. I get to travel more, before I was limited by annual leaves and now I can travel whenever I want to.
You had a blog post about travelling alone, what are the benefits of it?
That's what I'm doing now! I absolutely love it because you have to look after yourself. I have a boyfriend who is at home, we are living together, but he doesn't want to travel. That's his thing and that's fine. We are enjoying time together, but we also have differences. It's important to be an individual. I think there are so many people that go in the relationship and become emerged ''blob''. (laughs) At the end of the day, you never know what is going to happen. It's your life and you should do things you want to do. I went on holidays with friends, but you don't get to do so much of what you want to do. When you solo traveling, you can do whatever you want. When I went on my first solo trip I've went to the airport 4 hours early, I was like ''I don't know where I'm going, I don't know what I'm doing''. You need to have confidence to navigate around the city you don't know. It elevated my self esteem, just to know that I can go places and to things on my own and I'm ok. It makes me feel good.
And where have you been travelling?
This year I went to the Arctic, I was doing the charity trekk for five days. It was minus 25 degrees and I had to sleep in an igloo. It was absolutely amazing but one day it got so cold that I started to cry. Then to Paris, Iceland, Lanzarote, now here and next week I'm going to Switzerland, then Morocco. That's what I've got planned so far!

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Why did you chose Dubrovnik for one of your destinations?
It was a place that I've always wanted to visit. I don't know how, but for years I've read about it in travel guides and then, obviously, Game of Thrones did its thing too. I think Dubrovnik is one of the places that jumps out with orange tiles and roofs. I'm always into the historical aspect and Game of Thrones got my attention so I decided to come.
And how do you like it?
I've been around the Old Town and it's beautiful. When I went to Lanzarote a couple of weeks ago – it's wasn't very pretty. But when I came here it was like every side that I turned was beautiful. I love taking photos and it's so great to me. You don't have to do a lot, you just can just enjoy it and walk around.
Dubrovnik is popular destination from where you come from?
Yes, a friend of mine just came last week! I think a Game of Thrones helped to that too. I see a lot of people going all the time.
Did you take a lot of photos?
Yes I've taken a lot! I'm going to write about Dubrovnik when I come back home.
Do you think you will come back?
Yes, I definitely want to come back! I like to come back in the different points of the year because you can see how the town is changes. I'm quite winter person so I would like to come then. It's nice to see it the what it is, not only the tourist aspect.
So, you could say that this is job that's fulfilling you?
Oh my God, yes! I remember when I was at my previous job, I enjoyed it, but I didn't get up in the morning and think ''I can't wait to go to work'', it was never like that. Now, I absolutely love what I do, it's a very good job. I get to travel, go to nice places. I'm working very hard, even weekends, I don't have a day of because it's a constant job, but I won't lie – it's good.
Do you have an advice for our readers if they want to start blogging?
Blogging is so different nowadays because it can be a job. I started it as a hobby and I think that's the best way to do it. Choose something you're passionate about, there's no point about writing about something you're not interested in. I think a lot of people now want to make a job out of blogging and they force it. It's a great job, but it's quite demanding and you have to live what you do. Write about something that you love – if it's travel, write about travel, if it's fashion, write about fashion, just start writing. Social media are such a big thing these days and I think that's the way I got so ''popular''. I promote a lot trough my Twitter, that's a good platform for engaging with people. For anyone who wants to start a blog: don't go in it because of the wrong reasons, write about what you're passionate about and that's when people will enjoy reading it.

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