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INTERVIEW – The Lovely Escapist: The numerous red terracotta roofs were truly an incredible site to see

Written by  Sep 21, 2018

If you browse through Instagram photos with #dubrovnik, Angelina Cox will surely catch your eye! This beautiful 25 year-old American girl has a passion to see the world and capture it through her lens! She shares her experiences at her blog The Lovely Escapist and also at her Instagram profile, where she's followed by more than 75 thousand fans. Recently she visited Dubrovnik with her husband, so we just had to meet her – Angie was more than willing to talk to us. Now you can meet her too! 

When and why did you decide to become a travel blogger?

I started travel blogging in 2017 as a way to document my travels and share my photography.

Is it a dream job?

Absolutely! As a child, people used to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up and my answer would always be, 'Travel'. Of course that isn't the kind of answer they were looking for but it was the honest truth. Like any job, being a travel blogger and photographer has its challenges but I wouldn't do anything else.

How many countries have you visited?

As of September 2018, I've visited 25 countries!

How do you pick countries to visit?

Many times I choose to visit certain places based off the airfare price. I subscribe to a few different flight deal services so if they send out a great flight deal to a place I'm interested in, I'll book the flight and plan everything else out later.

What can we find on your blog?

On my blog, The Lovely Escapist, I provide readers with destination guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, photography inspirations, Instagram tips and tricks, and Lightroom tutorials. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and help people see the world the best possible way.


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You are followed by great number of followers on Instagram, is it hard to attract them?

Yes, and no. When I started my Instagram account a year and a half ago, it was easier to gain followers. However, the new Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, making growth more difficult. The best way to attract followers is posting interesting content regularly and engaging with your audience. It's not enough to just post a pretty picture. You have to show your followers you care and are interested in what they have to say, so replying to their comments and DM's is very important in cultivating a good relationship.

Why did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?

This summer, my husband and I embarked on a 24-day Mediterranean cruise with Holland America. Since we are huge Game of Thrones fans, we actually picked this specific cruise route because it stopped in Dubrovnik.

What did you like the most about our city?

I really enjoyed the views of the city from the walls. The numerous red terracotta roofs were truly an incredible site to see.

What was your favorite place?

Fort Lovrjenac was my favorite place because of the picturesque, cliffside views of Dubrovnik Old Town and the Mediterranean Sea.


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Do you have some special memories?

Wandering around Dubrovnik Old Town in the morning was beautiful. Since there were hardly any tourists that early, my husband and I felt like we had the entire city to ourselves.

You are also a photographer; did you get many photo opportunities in Dubrovnik?

There were so many photo opportunities, I barely put my camera down! My favorites were street shots and the views from the city walls.


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Would you like to come back?

I would love to come back someday. But next time, I want to stay for more than just one day.

Have you been to some other Croatian cities?

Sadly, no. Dubrovnik was the only stop in Croatia for the cruise but I'd love to see Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Paula, Cavtat, and many more.

What is your next destination?

I'll be going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a fun beach getaway! Be sure to follow along on Instagram at @thelovelyescapist!