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Wake up to summer with music above Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 20, 2018

Summer in Dubrovnik will begin in style with the renowned cellist Ana Rucner. On the first day of summer, the 21st of June, and together with the World Music Day, the melodic sounds of Ana and her concert will float over the city. You’ll have to get up early because the concert begins before the sunrise. We caught up with Ana before the big day.

For the eighth year in a row you will welcome in summer in Dubrovnik so what have you prepared for this year?

This year is already the eighth time for me to hold my Ana in the City festival and the traditional concert on Srđ. Every year the concert program is different and is in fact a reflection of my mood and artistic inspiration. I am particularly pleased that every year more and more people come to Srđ and look forward to the concert. I hope that this will be the case this year as well, and I have prepared an excellent program. But apart from the attractive program I bring great guests and musicians. These are my parents who together with two other colleagues make the String Quartet Rucner and this year marked 20 years of artistic activity. My parents have in some way marked my career and artistic choice since, like my mother, I play cello, I have great support and when I feel secure and fulfilled by me. Besides them, on the beautiful stage of the amphitheatre on Srđ, I will host Marko Bosnjak, a boy from Vitez, an angel voice, winner at a regional singing competition. Besides having a special voice, he is a wonderful boy with lots of artistic potential.

You are working hard on contributing to the development of tourism, both in Dubrovnik and throughout Croatia. You recently received recognition in Ličko-Senjska County. How much does that mean to you?

I must confess, just like the applause of everyone, and even the smallest concert, means a lot. This is confirmation that people like my music, which is so uplifting to me. I recently received the Public Recognition of Lika-Senj County for a special contribution to the promotion of culture and tourism of Lika-Senj County, for the video spots of Tesla Field, Full of Life of Gospić, Storm, I will follow him (which I recorded with the honourable sisters in magical Lunsko olive grove). I received this recognition at the suggestion of the Prefect of the Lika-Senj County, Dr. Darko Milinović. Always through my performances I promote Croatia, its natural and cultural beauty and, just to know, I always get tremendous applause when I play with the videos taken in Dubrovnik and Linja - foreigners adore it because they feel this passion and love for dance.

rucner concert dubrovnik 2018

You were in China at the invitation of prestigious Chinese music schools and working with children. What are your impressions?

I was there as part of the “ColodiAna” project (Colodia means Croatia in Chinese) to perform a special invitation from International Private Schools with one of the best and most developed international programs. In these schools music education is highly appreciated, but cello as an instrument is not well known. The goal is the popularization of the cello and the creation of an interest in children to take up the instrument. I did this through the Masterclass "How to love cello" and brought the cello closer to a young population. In addition to the kids, the parents were also distinguished businessmen and ambassadors from China and the rest of the world who were interested in Croatia as a tourist destination, through videos, music and stories about natural and cultural beauties. For some of them this was the first meeting with Croatia and they were so thrilled that they decided to visit it this October. A tourism delegation with more than thirty participants will take advantage of the journey and to get acquainted with the business opportunities offered by Croatia. As a kind of ambassador for Croatia, at the very beginning of the ColodiAna project, I believe that I have directly influenced the increase of interest for Croatia, not just as a tourist destination but also a potentially interesting economic destination.

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