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JUST ANDREAS SALVESEN AND ELIZABETH GROVEN: It's difficult to pick a favorite place in Dubrovnik All photos by Just Andreas Salvesen and Elizabeth Groven

JUST ANDREAS SALVESEN AND ELIZABETH GROVEN: It's difficult to pick a favorite place in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 15, 2018

Instagram is full of interesting photos from Dubrovnik, but some seem to stand out a bit more than the others. Two of those are for surely Just Andreas Salvesen and Elizabeth Groven – a power couple that run their own company Salvesen & Co. Recently they have visited Dubrovnik and shared some amazing photos, so we just had to discover a little bit more about them.

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

We´re a creative and active couple from Norway, in our mid twenties. We work with photography, videography and digital marketing, and run our own company Salvesen & Co. Elizabeth is an earlier professional ballet dancer and Just Andreas is an earlier football player.

When did you decide to travel around the world?

First of all, we are not a typical traveling couple. We´re based in Oslo, Norway, where we help different companies with creating campaigns, run their social media channels and produce their content. Most of our traveling comes from collaborations with different tourism boards (example: Visit Croatia, Visit Britain, Visit Wales).

We love to travel, but this is not our main focus. We only want to create fun and entertaining content, so when we get asked to travel somewhere that is only a bonus.

What countries have you visited for now?

As a couple we have not visited too many places yet, as we have only been doing this together for a year. We have been to the United States (Los Angeles, Hawaii), Great Britain, and now Croatia.

Is it challenging to travel as a couple, what are the benefits?

It's not challenging at all! We love traveling together and it´s amazing to get to experience the world with your better half.


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You seem to have really interesting photos, how much time does it take to make a perfect photo?

Thank you! This really depends on the photo and place. We spend a lot of time on editing and we want that every photo tells a story.

You are keen on editing too, how do you get ideas?

We get ideas from brainstorming, videos on youtube and we do find inspiration from other channels on instagram and more. If we have an idea we just try it out and see how it looks like.

A lot of people are following you on your journey, does that make you motivated?

It is exciting that a lot of people want to follow us, but to be honest our main goal is to show our creative side to brands and future collaboration partners.


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You've just been to Dubrovnik, what are your impressions?

Dubrovnik was beautiful and it was really exciting to learn about all the history. We are also big fans of Game of Thrones, so it was exciting to see the real locations from the tv-series. We really enjoyed our stay there and we were lucky enough to spend two nights at Hotel Grand Villa Argentina.

What are your favourite places in Dubrovnik?

Oh, It´s difficult to pick a favorite place! But the view from the the cable car, which showed a panorama view of the whole city was amazing. We also enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Kopun restaurant. One of our favorite restaurant in Croatia so far!

Is it hard to make that perfect shot in our City?

It´s easy to take perfect photos in a beautiful city! The only challenge was all the tourists and the heat.


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How about Croatia in general, what is your experience?

We were lucky to see a lot of Croatia in only 5 days! We went to KRKA National park, Sibenik, Split, Makarska, Ston and Dubrovnik and we loved all of it. We would love to visit your beautiful country again.

Where are you traveling next?

We are not sure yet, but we are planning a romantic vacation to Thailand. Stay tuned and make sure to follow us on @Elizabethgroven @Justandreas and!

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