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LOS TRAVELEROS – Getting lost in the little streets of Dubrovnik is magical All photos by Los Traveleros

LOS TRAVELEROS – Getting lost in the little streets of Dubrovnik is magical

Written by  May 18, 2018

Blanca Ojeda and Albert Serratacó from Barcelona are a young couple that is traveling around the world together under the name Los Traveleros. They started their travel blog while they were studying journalism and now that’s their full time job! They try to travel as much as possible and recently they visited Dubrovnik. As soon as we saw their beautiful photos on their Instagram account, we wanted to meet them – and now you can get to know them too.

When did you decide to travel around the world and why?

It’s a long story! I (Blanca) was about to leave for 5 days to New York alone about a month after starting our degree. It has been my favorite city since I first visited it when I was 13. I had a crush on Albert and felt like he liked me too, so I told him to come to NY with me. He accepted, paid for his flight with some savings and our love story officially started there. Since that day we share a passion for traveling and try to do it as much as we can. After a year or taking trips together we decided to share it with the world creating our blog. We’ve worked so hard on it and feel incredibly blessed it has become our work.


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How many countries have you visited so far?

35 countries and counting!

Is it challenging to travel as a couple? How is it affecting your relationship?

We think traveling is so positive for couples. Many say the hardest test for a couple is starting to live together. Traveling acts as that test. You get the other person much better in a shorter time. Everything is more intense while traveling. We have been through some good and bad situations that wouldn’t have happened at home. Good things are better and bad things are easier than if we were alone.


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How did you like Dubrovnik?

We loved Dubrovnik. To be honest, when we first arrived to the historic part of the city we thought it was too crowded, but the charm of the city makes you forget about the people. Getting lost in the little streets of the old town is magical.

What was your favorite place in Dubrovnik?

Pretty typical, but we loved the views of the city from Mount Srđ. Watching the sunset from there was a beautiful and relaxing experience.

What would you recommend to couples visiting Dubrovnik?

Everything! If they have time, a day trip to Lokrum is so nice. The water is incredibly clear there and there are so many beautiful spots around the island.


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Would you like to come back?

Absolutely! We actually stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Babin Kuk but didn’t have the time to enjoy the pool or beaches as we were so busy visiting the city and surroundings. So we’d love to come back for a more relaxed visit.

What are your future plans? Where will you travel? 

We are currently doing a road trip around the Balkans. We’ve visited Montenegro and Bosnia and are now heading to discover Slovenia and the rest of Croatia. Then we’ll be home for a few days and go to Greece.

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