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Changseok Lim enjoying the late autumn sun in Dubrovnik Changseok Lim enjoying the late autumn sun in Dubrovnik Changseok Lim

South Korean artist creates stunning Dubrovnik art

Written by  Feb 18, 2018

Holiday photos…holiday photos…holiday photos…WOW!! Surfing through the #Dubrovnik section of Instagram we are normally greeted with hundreds of photos of cocktails, cats and canoes but once in a while something jumps out and whacks us over the head like a creative hammer.

These amazing oil paintings of Dubrovnik were created by Changseok Lim from South Korea. We just love his images of Dubrovnik and decided to catch up with him and find out what his inspirations were.

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When did you travel to Dubrovnik and what were your first impressions of the city?
I traveled to Czech, Croatia, Hungary and Austria in October 2017 and my first impression of Dubrovnik is that it was so 'bright'. We came to Dubrovnik after visiting Prague where we stayed for a week. Dubrovnik was a bright and shiny city unlike Prague. We stayed in Dubrovnik for a couple of days. The sunset I watched from the rampart was very impressive, and alleys I walked along were so interesting and amusing. Stores were new to us, and people working there look different. We however found a lot of us in them. I have happy memories of Placa Street (Stradun) where I ran to buy my companions ice creams before they melted.

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How did you decide which parts of Dubrovnik to paint and how long did it take to create your art?
The side streets in Dubrovnik felt unfamiliar on the one hand and friendly on the other. Walking in the alleys I encountered interesting or impressing scenes, and I would then draw sketches with a pen. Some drawings were completed on the spot, and others were painted in oils being infused with inspiration from the scenes after coming back to Korea. It took roughly a week to a month to finish my painting depending on the picture.

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Apart from on Instagram, or online, do you display your art anywhere else?
I upload my works mainly onto Instagram, and otherwise give exhibitions at galleries. I have held private and group exhibitions, about 20 to 25 times, respectively, most of which were held in Korea, although some were held in Beijing and Hong Kong. In the years to come I would like to have many exhibitions abroad as well as in Korea.

What memories will you take with you from Dubrovnik?
What I remember most about Dubrovnik is a feeling of warmth. I still remember the streets shining brightly and buildings giving off delicate hues and will never forget the impression which the side streets alleys had on me and the sunset which I watched walking around the Dubrovnik City Walls.

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What is the process that you go through to create your art? Do you take a photo and then use that or do you sit in position until you finish?
It is usually the inspiration from objects/subjects that leads me to the canvas. Firstly, I organize the feelings and emotions in my head and then make a sketch composing my painting. Sometimes I complete paintings on the spot and sometimes I don't due to the lack of time. In the case that I bring unfinished works, I take photos of scenes at times to complete them later. I think it is very important that a painting has a flow of emotion on the canvas.

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