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KARL OLIVER GOEDICKE – this new festival will bring an international musical flair to the city

Written by  Mark Thomas Oct 12, 2017

On the eve of the Dubrovnik Wave Music Festival we caught up with one of the leading lights of the festival Karl Oliver Goedicke, AKA D.O.N.S. as well as one half of the hard house/hard trance duo, Warp Brothers, with his music partner Jürgen Dohr. Goedicke will be a busy DJ over the next two days as he is performing on both days of the festival. He sprang to fame with the massive hits such as We Will Survive (UK top 20) and Phatt Bass (UK top 10) and also featured as the soundtrack to the Wesley Snipes movie Blade. Bathing in the sunshine of Dubrovnik in the middle of October we caught up with him to discover what audiences can expect before the festival begins.

How difficult was it for the organisers of this new Dubrovnik festival to twist your arm and convince you to come and perform in Dubrovnik?

To be fair it was very, very easy as I have been to Dubrovnik a few times before and I knew what a spectacular place it is. I love music and I love Dubrovnik so the combination of the two seemed ideal.

Did you realise that the festival was actually being held on an island?

No, the first information that I got was that it was Dubrovnik and then I heard it was on an Adriatic island which seemed even more exciting. I have never been to Lokrum before so it will give me a chance to see a new part of the city.

This isn’t the first time you have performed in Croatia.

No, I have played in Split, Zagreb, Opatija and Dubrovnik before and I have to say that on every occasion it was a wonderful experience.

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What are your impressions, I’ll stop myself from saying first impressions as you have been before, of Dubrovnik?

Well for sure Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love it. The intact architecture of the Old City is truly incredible. Imagine taking all of the tourists out of the Old City and then picture knights on horseback riding down the main street. It is also a very tidy and clean city. I grew up in France so I love this Mediterranean lifestyle.

What can the audiences expect from your sets in the Dubrovnik Wave Music Festival?

So I will be playing on both days of the festival. On Friday I will be performing as DJ D.O.N.S. so that will be more House music and some current tech-house tunes that are soulful And then on Saturday, as one half of the Warp Brothers, the set will be a little harder. It will be a more electronic dance music than Friday.

Who are your musical influences?

Don’t laugh but there is only one – my biggest, biggest influence in James Brown. I think I have the biggest James Brown record collection you can have. I have everything he ever recorded from 1956 onwards. I can also say that Kraftwerk had an influence on me as well as Jean Michel Jarre. So you can see the mix between soul music and electronic music. I used to have 80,000 plus vinyl records.

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How has electronic dance music transformed over the past ten years?

Yes, good question. All these things go in cycles and electronic dance music is no different. When we started with the Warp Brothers in 1999/2000 it was all about trance, hard trance and electronic music. Later on the sound became slower. Today the bigger electronic music festivals are more about entertainment and this can be sometimes to the deprement of the actual music. I don’t want to criticise any DJ’s in particular but the business or should I say show business side of festivals can be a little too much. It’s a little bit of an overkill. I am a DJ and I want to entertain people, but I want to entertain them with my art, with my music.

What do you enjoy the most about playing at music festival?

For me I still love to give something to the people, because if I give them joy they give me something back which is nice for me, so it is a give and take. And of course the atmosphere is amazing. I am so lucky to do something that I love to do.

Do you have a final message to audiences before the festival?

Yes, I think that they should embrace the festival it is something new and I think it will bring an international flair to the city.

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