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Eleanor Mill - artist in love with Dubrovnik Eleanor Mill - artist in love with Dubrovnik

ELEANOR MILL – Dubrovnik is a true piece of paradise for an artist

Written by  Ivana Smilovic Oct 06, 2017

We love to browse through Instagram and discover interesting photos from Dubrovnik. But every now and then something special catches our eye. That happened with sketches on profile melibertine, made by artist Eleanor Mill. We just had to discover the story behind them and this talented artist gladly answered our questions.

How did you like Dubrovnik? Was it your first visit?

I’m delighted with my first visit Dubrovnik. It was the first visit to Croatia in general for me and my colleague. We planned only two days for Dubrovnik, and now I can sum up that it is not enough. I’ll definitely come back!


Was it enjoyable to draw?

Dubrovnik is a true piece of paradise for an artist of my profile. Cityscape here is very rich. There are narrow and cosy streets, hundreds (or maybe thousands) stairs, fabulous fortification structure, emerald water and boats in one place. It’s like to find a golden ticket! And those medieval arches and vaults… It’s my passion.

How much time do you need to draw something?

In different ways. It depends on the object. I set myself a task, choose the media (materials), etceteras… If it’s a question of sketches (work on a spot), usually it takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours, as long as I need to catch the atmosphere. Working in studio takes much more, it can be about 20, 50… 100 hours.


How do you choose motifs?  

Difficult question. Probably the choice is instinctive at the level of the senses. It can be interesting composition, playing of the light and shade, some combination of details, reflections, just harmonious bending of the street… Or the «song» of the street lamps as in Dubrovnik. So many reasons!

What's your favourite place in Dubrovnik?

I can’t decide, there are too many beautiful places in this town. Each street in the Old town is beautiful. Maybe a view from the Fort Lovrijenac is the most spectacular:  waves are crashing against the rocks of the city walls… impressive! I think it will be one of the first plot for my big artwork in studio.


Did people react when they saw you drawing in Dubrovnik?

This happens rarely. And Dubrovnik is one of the place with high activity, where people overlook an artist. Among a hundreds people the artist is just part of vanity. Others feel shy and look from a distance. But one lady found me on Instagram and sent a message with greetings. She saw me in the old port. To tell the truth I was absorbed in my work, then I can’t describe the reaction well.


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