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Ana Rucner on the first day of summer Ana Rucner on the first day of summer

ANA RUCNER - Let’s celebrate together the rising of the first summer sun and life itself

Written by  Mark Thomas Jun 05, 2017

Once again the renowned cellist Ana Rucner will welcome in the first day of summer with a spectacular concert overlooking Dubrovnik. As the sun comes up for the first day of summer 2017 Rucner will perform a concert on the Srd Mountain. This is the sixth year that this concert has been held and entrance is free of charge. You will have to get up early as the concert starts, well at the crack of dawn of course, at 5.00am. The Dubrovnik Times caught up with Ana as the big day of the concert in Dubrovnik approaches.

Dubrovnik is obviously close to your heart, what can audiences expect from your Ana in the City concert this year?
As I celebrate this year 15th anniversary of my career I have prepared a special program. I already had two great concerts in Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and Osijek where I introduced new music direction I never played before. Gypsy music in my interpretation, and I will be accompanied by great band and extraordinary singers. My concert will be completely different from any other before but my audience at previous concerts in Zagreb and Osijek was very enthusiastic so I hope to get the same reaction on Srđ in Dubrovnik as well.

This will be the seventh time that you have greeted the first sunset of summer on the Srd Mountain overlooking Dubrovnik. What keeps brining you back to the city and why is the opening of summer so significant to you?
Actually it will be the sixth time at Srđ, but seventh year of my own festival: Ana in the City. In previous years I had two or more concerts , but for this year I've prepared such a powerful and innovative program that I wanted to underline it by preparing only one special concert.

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Can audiences expect a combination of classic and crossover music? And how do you comment on the popularity of classical musicians performing pop music with a classical twist?
This year people will be able to hear and see how the cello perfectly fits into gypsy music in great synergy with the band and four great singers. The 21st century is very innovative period, and musicians also try to combine different types of music, and public obviously likes it.

You were born and raised in well-known classical music family. How did your family influence your musical tastes and career development?
For my interest in classical music I am grateful to my family. They were and still are my most important support and the advice they gave me very often but in the same time they leave me to find my own way to express my emotions via music I play. My parents play classical music while my brother “flirts” with crossover but we, above all, respect each other’s work and sometimes play together as guests of my parent’s Rucner quartet. Music is my world and my love, and I am happy I had a chance to discover completely new dimension.

What do you prefer, playing solo or with other musicians? Is it more challenging to play solo concerts?
Mostly I play solo, and at my concerts, while I am playing, you can see great videos showing natural and cultural beauties of our beautiful country. It is a great feeling to see happy audiences applauding and after the concerts they often ask me various questions about Croatia.

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Who are your musical heroes and have they had an influence on your style?
Above all my parents, but I deeply respect good musicians because of their hard work. Composer Rostopovič in a way influenced my playing, as well as my professor Vladimir Perlin from Minsk.

Do you have any final words for the Dubrovnik audience?
I warmly invite all of you to my concert on June the 21st, the first day of summer but also World’s Music Day, let’s celebrate together the rising of the first summer sun and life itself.


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