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INTERVIEW - Kristian Galov - Crafting Modern Mediterranean Cuisine With Passion

Written by  Sep 21, 2023

We caught up chef Kristian Galov from Restaurant Nebula to discover his kitchen secrets and where his passion for cooking comes from. There is no doubt that je is one of the rising stars of the culinary world in Dubrovnik and with his hard work and creativity it is easy to see why. The menu is impressive and really highlights the love that has been poured into it.

What is the concept of the restaurant?

Well the best description of the concept of the restaurant is that we are showcasing the Mediterranean cuisine in a modern style. We do this by using locally sourced products and create meals in a modern way. My goal is that when guests come and eat at the restaurant that they truly taste the quality and freshness of these home-grown ingredients. We have a relatively short menu and we focus on the fact that guests can enjoy meals that are made to order. I would say that the freshness of the products leap from the plate.

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Was it challenging to create your short menu?

Yes, it was a challenge because we have a menu for lunch and then a menu for dinner. When I was creating the menu I really wanted to highlight the meals that we have, but at the same time offering guests a good choice. We have interpreted some classic Croatian, or rather Dubrovnik dishes, in a contemporary way. For example, we used octopus and sea bass, typical seafood dishes for this region, but we have prepared them in a fresh manner. It is always tough to cover a wide variety of food in a short menu, but on the other hand it is a guarantee that the ingredients will be fresh.

What feedback do you receive from guests to the restaurant?

I have to say that all the comments we have received have been very positive. Quite a few guests love the quality of the beef steak and they are quick to praise us for that. On fact that meal is quite a complex one with lots of segments, but it seems that hard work is paying off. We have had a few times when guests have asked to see the chef, and it’s always nice to get their observations. It is always nice when someone pays you a compliment.

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Where do you get your products from?

We work with a range of local suppliers. It is extremely important to us that these suppliers are locally based. This can sometimes prove a test but when you are determined to do something then it is easier. All our vegetable, fish and meat suppliers and producers come from this region. In fact, we sometimes don’t have a meal on the menu because we can’t get the quality of local ingredients we require. But I think it is better that we take it off the menu for that day rather than use less quality produce.

On a personal level, what is your favourite meal?

I do tend to eat Dalmatian influenced meals. For example, prawns in a garlic and parmesan sauce, I think that really is a great combination. Pasta and risotto are also on my favourite list. And I have taken this love into the kitchen. For example, when guests order risotto they have to wait around 20 minutes as we make everything from the very beginning. The same with pasta, we only use fresh pasta, and always cook it to order.

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Where does your passion from cooking come from?

When I was a young boy I used to stand next to my grandmother and watch her cook. I can remember always asking questions and making a note of the ingredients and indeed the method she used. I always used to say when I was young that I would be a chef when I grew up. You could say that my grandmother started my journey and then I was lucky to work with some excellent chefs in my early career who really helped develop my style. Food and cooking really is my passion and even when I am not in the kitchen I am learning, reading and tasting food.

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