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April Martin - I can't wait to explore more of Croatia

Written by  Nov 29, 2016

Dubrovnik is a magnet for bloggers and travel writers. Year after year the volume of interest has been turned up to near maximum. This week The Dubrovnik Times caught up with April Martin who writes an intriguing blog entitled “April Everyday.” She recently spent time in Dubrovnik and wrote a handful of articles about her adventures. From the island of Lokrum to the iconic Old City Walls, April pretty much let her feet do the walking and her keyboard do the talking.

First impressions count, what flashed through your mind as you entered the Old City of Dubrovnik for the first time?

I was just in awe of the city. I'd done a little research before we left, but seeing it for myself in real life was amazing. Walking through Pile Gate for the first time and seeing the old buildings, hearing the sounds and even how well restored it was. I couldn't wait to start exploring all of the little streets and alleyways leading around the city.

You mentioned that you had done some research on the city before you arrived, had this prepared you for being “up close and personal” with the historic city?
I'd wanted to visit Dubrovnik for a while and after seeing so many things online about it decided that we just had to go this year. I'd done a little bit of research before we left on things to do and places to eat and my parents had visited a few years ago while on a cruise and absolutely loved it so I'd heard so many great things about it before we left. It was so much more amazing than I had imagined it to be! The food was incredible and there was just so much to see and do around the area and I just couldn't get over the colour of the sea! I just wanted to dive right in. I definitely wasn't prepared for the hills though!

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As a world traveller how would you compare Dubrovnik with other European destinations that you have visited?
I feel like Dubrovnik was so full of history in comparison to some of the other places that we've visited throughout Europe. Knowing that the walls were initially built around the 13th century was amazing and reading about the history of the city and how it's survived and been rebuilt after so many wars and natural disasters is just incredible. I also loved that although it was a city, it had a very small town feel to it and everything was within walking distance around the Old City which was great!

If you could only take three items in your rucksack what would they be?
I definitely couldn't go anywhere without my camera. I love to take photos of pretty much everything and I always enjoy looking back through my blog at trips that we've been on and remembering all the little details too. I'd be so lost without it! I'd also be sure to take a really good pair of shoes! I always want to see the most of the place that I'm visiting and I've had so many situations with sore shoes to know now to always carry a good pair of shoes. I'll always carry a second pair in my day bag while walking around too, just in case! And of course, a phone with internet. I can't go anywhere without checking Google Maps when I'm out exploring somewhere new or finding little secret places to explore. It's always so handy. And I absolutely love Instagram too, so I always have to update that while we're out exploring too!

Which part of your trip to Dubrovnik will you remember with a smile of your face?
I think watching the sunset over Dubrovnik from Mount Srd was just amazing. We sat up there for a few hours just watching the city, the tourists and the boats out on the water and it was just so peaceful up there. It was definitely one of our favourite moments from the trip.

What will be your lasting memories of Dubrovnik?
Walking along the Old City Walls was incredible and seeing the contrast of the orange roofs against the bright blue sea of the Adriatic with the mountains in the distance was one of my favourite views. Watching the sunset over Dubrovnik at Mount Srd was stunning too, and even on our last day even though everything was closed because of a storm, we loved sitting at the Old Port with all the stray cats watching the waves crashing along the pier for a good few hours. It was such an incredible city and we absolutely loved our time there! I can't wait to explore more of Croatia!

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