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INTERVIEW - Barbara Loncaric–Lucic - Stroll'n'Roll: Your Ultimate Travel Companion for Family Adventures in Dubrovnik! Tonci Plazibat/CROPIX

INTERVIEW - Barbara Loncaric–Lucic - Stroll'n'Roll: Your Ultimate Travel Companion for Family Adventures in Dubrovnik!

Written by  Aug 08, 2023

Introducing Stroll'n'Roll, the ground-breaking stroller rental service revolutionizing family travel in Dubrovnik! We caught up with the visionary entrepreneur founder, Barbara Loncaric-Lucic, who experienced first-hand the challenges of traveling with a child.

Stroll'n'Roll offers an extensive range of top-quality equipment, from strollers to baby carriers and more. With glowing feedback from delighted clients, the service has quickly become a sought-after solution for tourists seeking a hassle-free vacation with their little ones. As this innovative venture gains momentum, the entrepreneur's future vision includes expanding to other tourist hotspots, aiming to make traveling with children an enjoyable experience worldwide. Discover the perfect blend of convenience and joy with Stroll'n'Roll!

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So could you tell us something about this new project and how did you actually come up with the idea?

Over the years, I have received inquiries from tourists through my travel agency and in private accommodation about the possibility of renting children's equipment, but other than cribs, we have never had anything else on offer. The idea for Stroll'n'Roll came to me when I became a mother myself and realized how helpful it would be to have the option of renting various equipment for my child while traveling. That's how Stroll'n'Roll was born.

What has been the feedback you have received from your clients so far?

The response to the service has been excellent, and the feedback has been very positive. I didn't expect the story to start off so well this season. Tourists who rented strollers, baby carriers, or car seats gave me the idea to include other equipment in the offer that I hadn't planned to provide before, but they found it useful during their vacations. We received many reservations from people who had already arrived in Dubrovnik without certain equipment, such as strollers for their older children, and then realized they needed them and sought out the Stroll'n'Roll service.

It's important to me that there's awareness among locals about the existence of such a service, so they can recommend it to their guests.

How will you handle the logistics of stroller pickup and drop-off to accommodate tourists' travel schedules?

The rental price includes delivery, pickup, and cleaning, and we arrange with guests whether they want the equipment to be waiting for them at the hotel/apartment before their arrival or if we meet them upon arrival.

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Will you offer any additional services or packages alongside stroller rentals to enhance the overall customer experience?

Not currently. Thanks to the feedback from guests, we have introduced twin strollers and toy high chairs for rental, and that's what we offer at the moment.

What are your long-term goals and vision for the stroller rental service? Do you plan to expand to other tourist destinations in the future?

I believe that Dubrovnik was missing something like this, and there will be interest in the future. Anything that makes life easier for people, especially in today's times, is more than welcome. My plan for the future is to make more tourists aware of the service in advance, so they can plan their trips with our slogan "pack light, travel happy," and then I'll consider expanding to other destinations.

What measures will you take to ensure tourists are aware of your rental service even before they arrive at the destination?

Like any business with a new offering, it's essential for me to create awareness among the local people, both private renters and large hotels, some of which have already recognized that my service complements theirs, especially those oriented towards family tourism. They inform their guests about the baby gear rental service through digital brochures and other means. Furthermore, collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and media outlets like The Dubrovnik Times is crucial. The real marketing for Stroll'n'Roll will actually start with preparations for the next season. This year, the business took off before I expected, but everything needs to settle in and be ready for 2024.

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What kind of customer support will you provide to assist tourists during their rental period?

Whatever happens to the equipment, we always have a backup piece for replacement, in case of any breakage or similar issues, and we are available for any assistance throughout the rental period. It's important for us to maintain the equipment with quality, baby-friendly mild detergents, and deep-clean it regularly. At the first sign of wear and tear, old items will be replaced with new ones. Everything we have acquired for Stroll'n'Roll is brand new equipment from top manufacturers and materials, which we are very proud of. I believe our youngest visitors deserve only the best to ensure both they and their parents have a pleasant stay in Dubrovnik.


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