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Rachel Ryle - I would sit at the edge of Old City for afternoons into sunsets, just soaking in the beauty of Dubrovnik

Written by  Ivana Smilovic Oct 26, 2016

Rachel Ryle is a self taught artist who has always loved to explore her creativity and her latest inspiration was – Dubrovnik. Her illustration of the St. Blaise Church was an absoulte hit on Instagram and we just had to find out a bit more about her. Rachel, an award winning illustrator and animator, has been named the #1 Instagram account to follow by MTV and BuzzFeed, shared with us some details about herself, her drawings and of course Dubrovnik. 

Have you always been an artist?
I've always loved drawing and creating things since I was a child. I would have never imagined it would turn into my full time career.

Did you expect that you would be this popular?
I had no idea that my art would grow such a large and supportive following. The encouragement that I receive from my followers is the #1 thing that keeps me going and creating more.

Is this a dream job for you?
Yes, I couldn't have dreamt of a more fitting job for my creativity and love for art. I smile everyday knowing that this is what I get to do for work.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I constantly look around for inspiration. Travel is essential in this. No matter where I am in the world, I look at buildings or everyday items and instantly start to wonder how I could make them come to life through my art.

How did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?
Over the years I have heard such wonderful things about Dubrovnik, and jumped at the opportunity to spend a week there.

What are your impressions?
I think Old City is a beautiful and relaxing place where I spent countless hours getting lost in the maze of historic passage ways. Finding holes in the city wall that led to cliffside tables overlooking the Adriatic Sea. With the sea below me I would sit at the edge of the Old City for afternoons into sunsets, just soaking in the beauty of Dubrovnik. Also, the men are really good looking.


We saw the illustration of the St.Blaise Church that got over 20 thousand Likes on your Instagram account. How hard is to draw something like that?
Drawing in this detail takes patience and a lot of time. I like to travel and soak in my surroundings by spending time illustrating what I see around me. There are many sketches to get it right, but I'm always pleased with the outcome.

Did you create some other drawings as well in our city?
Yes, I drew some other sketches in my journal - as I do almost daily.

What is your next travel location?
I'm heading to the Bahamas, Mexico and Jamaica all before December! I suppose I'm avoiding the winter snow as much as possible ;)

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