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Cris Pelo Mundo in Dubrovnik Cris Pelo Mundo in Dubrovnik

INTERVIEW - “Cris Pelo Mundo” - Cris Stilben and Igor Duarte - We felt as we were in a magical place

Written by  Sep 14, 2021

The popular vloggers “Cris Pelo Mundo” spent two weeks filming the beauties of Croatia. In 17 days, the Brazilain vloggers and Youtubers visited 14 different destinations and got acquainted with the rich cultural, gastronomic and natural resources of Croatia. So what did these Brazilians think about Croatia? We caught up with them to find out exactly how Croatia, and indeed Dubrovnik, matched their expectations. “We felt as we were in a magical place, the city is beautiful and it feels like I've teleported to an ancient time. Dubrovnik was the best-preserved city of all that we have visited,” stated Stiblen.

The entire filming project in Croatia was designed by Marilia de Oliveira, a Brazilian with a Karlovac address and the owner of the travel agency Marzito Travel. In addition to launching the entire project on this trip, Marilia was in charge of all logistics, translation, and escorting.

During your journey through Croatia what would you pick out as the real highlights?

We were really impressed by the richness of history along with the natural exuberance. We loved seeing more of the amazing Tesla in Karlovac, seeing the crystal clear waters of Hvar and the dinosaur footprints together with the roman ruins at Brijuni.


What surprised you about Croatia? Was there something you learned that you didn't already know?

The ancient history of Croatia. I didn`t know that there were so many ruins and centuries of history in this amazing country.

Why would you recommend Croatia as a destination for families with young children?

It is a paradise beach place with fun around every corner, as well as being a great place to instigate knowledge through its ruins, temples, and arenas. Even dinosaurs are present in this incredible discovery. Croatia has the right activities for any family vacation.


How difficult was it to travel with the current Covid-19 restrictions?

We were particularly surprised, we often felt in a parallel place. We were used to using masks at all times and in Croatia, we could feel a little more freedom in open spaces again.

What food/wine that you tried did you really enjoy?

We loved the Teranino from Aura distillery and the succulent Zagrebački Odrezak, as well a lot of special traditional dishes as the peka for example. The wines from Istria and the Neretva Valley will be also very well defined in our travel memories.

Talking about Dubrovnik, what were your impressions on the city?

We felt as we were in a magical place, the city is beautiful and it feels like I've teleported to an ancient time. Dubrovnik was the best-preserved city of all that we have visited. To everywhere you look you will see a good spot for an amazing photoshoot. I am not surprised that Dubrovnik was chosen as scenery for many productions.


How popular, or indeed familiar, is Croatia and Dubrovnik on the Brazil market?

If you could also give me a brief intro that would be great, as well as a few photos. Croatia has gained strength among the desires of Brazilian travelers over the past few years, some for the GOT series, others for the paradisiacal beaches that are gaining more and more prominence. We were caught by the beautiful beaches ourselves, but we fell in love with the country in a visit that we took in 2019, in midwinter. When we saw the frozen waterfalls of the Plitvice lakes, we were sure that we would come back in the summertime to discover all that Croatia could offer.



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