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How To Organize Your Study Time During This Pandemic Period Pixabay

How To Organize Your Study Time During This Pandemic Period

By  Oct 10, 2020

Staying home is the new norm in this pandemic period, and many people have found that they need to change how they operate to have a productive day still. In this regard, students have also not been left behind. Learners on different levels worldwide now have to cope with more online classes and increased home responsibilities. The most successful students will find a way to balance the two and pass their school assignments too. Like your fellow learners, you can use the Insights outlined here to make the best of this period as well.

1. Avoid having scattered focus

First, remember that while it is great to take up new things and learn skills during this time, you have to set your priorities right. If you absorb too much content at a time, you will quickly feel overwhelmed and give up on them altogether. While you are rediscovering new passions and chasing forgotten dreams, be aware of what you want to achieve right now. For instance, if you are a final year undergraduate student, get your degree first before moving on to something else. Schedule your time in such a way that prioritizes what you want to finish as soon as possible.

2. Find the perfect nook

Next, you want to make sure you are studying in the right settings. Your study area must be as free from any distractions as possible. Doing this will prevent you from wasting study time trying to shift your focus from a movie on your laptop, to your term paper, for example. Remember, the goal is not to study all day, but to make the most of the time you have set aside for that purpose. Of course, make sure you do not have your phone near you because social media and messaging apps can also be very distracting.

3. Make time for your studies

Create a precise schedule, but not a very rigid one. Unlike school, where you can choose to spend two hours of study time in the library uninterrupted, our homes are very different. Younger siblings may interrupt your study time with other demands. Your friends can also come over for an impromptu visit, throwing your entire day off balance. To avoid this, look at the time of day when you are most often by yourself and designate it as your study time. Your other responsibilities can then be scheduled around that, in a way that ensures you have covered everything.

4. What to do when you need expert help

These tips will help you out a lot when you already understand what is going on in class, and you need some individual study time. By being intentional about scheduling your studies, you can stay on top of your classwork, hence avoiding last-minute rush during the exam periods. However, sometimes you need more than a little practice to reach your academic goals. You may not be attending any classes currently, which means you have to do a lot of learning by yourself. You can make this work more accessible by working with a tutor.


A tutor is an expert in your field of interest who is also good at teaching new students and taking them through challenging course areas. For instance, when you are studying an entirely new course outside of school, you need an instructor to break down the coursework and teach you new skills. At this point, consider checking online, where you can pay a good price for a tutor. By doing this, you will make excellent use of this pandemic period and learn a lot within a short time. Also, you will get less frustrated and learn faster when you have an expert to guide you.


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