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American Wine Lovers to Enjoy a Taste of Croatia - Game of Wines Collection

Written by  Oct 09, 2020

Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc. (CPWI), importer, promoter and online store for delivery in the US, and Vinum.IN, wine industry magazine in Croatia, jointly launched collaboration across the ocean titled "Game of Wines 2020" which aims to help Croatian winemakers by expanding knowledge about the quality, boutique wines to the United States and ultimately increasing wine exports.

Project partner Mirena Bagur, Mag. Oecc., VP/Brand Management at CPWI, a Croatian with an address in Boston, founded a company for the import of Croatian wines to the USA a year ago, and since then she has been actively working on spreading knowledge about Croatian wines in America.

"With this collaboration, we want to connect Croatians in the homeland with their families or friends in America, so that together they can not only enjoy the taste of Croatia through quality Croatian wines, but can directly help spread knowledge about the current state of Croatian winemaking," says Mirena Bagur.

"Americans, as well as the Croatian diaspora, are given the opportunity to get closer to Croatia through wines in a year in which they could not travel, and at the same time they can directly influence the increase in demand for Croatian wines. This seems to us to be a textbook example of a win-win situation. Especially with a good wine to be had on both sides of the ocean,” adds Bagur, whose company actively cooperates with other importers of Croatian wines in the USA and Canada.

The Game of Wines 2020 is open for participation to all over the age of 18 in Croatia, or 21 in the USA, and more detailed information and instructions on how to participate can be found at the link: 2020.

Dijana Grgić, owner of Vinum.IN, and a partner in this collaboration says: "As the owner and editor of the only wine magazine in Croatia, I am especially sensitive to the issue of winemakers, especially in these demanding times. That is why I support every attempt to help them sell wine, especially outside Croatia."

CPWI already has almost 50 different wine labels in its inventory from three distinct Croatian wine regions and has so far built two distribution channels in parallel, an online store that delivers to almost all US states,, and a traditional distribution that has so far established in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Georgia and California. The firm continues to work on creating distribution in other states as well.


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