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New Deal Europe on schedule to deliver 1200 meetings

Written by  Oct 02, 2020

New Deal Europe, the Balkan travel trade workshop and forum, will deliver its first event on Monday 5th October with 1250 meetings and 3 seminars.

The event brings together 114 tour operators from around the globe, 60% of them from the UK, to meet with 47 tourism suppliers from 11 Balkan Countries.

Tine Murn, co-founder of the event, said, “We are delighted with the response to our event. The last minute rush from companies wishing to register and take part was a challenge for us, but a very positive one, and I’m delighted that we can bring so many people together in this time of crisis.”

“We really want to develop tourism to the region and help everyone to do that even in these challenging times” added Robert Dee, the other co-founder of the event. “With that in mind our keynote seminar will be about sharing ideas between operators and suppliers to get through the crisis and generate business now and beyond the pandemic."

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Buyers and suppliers were asked to choose their appointments based upon their availability throughout the day, as they dial in from around the world. “Every delegate has a bespoke set of meetings and more than half of the suppliers will have completely full diaries with 34 meetings and 3 seminars” said Murn. ‘The pieces are in place for a very productive day and a great first event. We now have a perfect platform for growth for future events focused on delivering tourism to this exciting region”



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