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Best Travel Destinations of the Reopened Europe to add in Vacation Plan Pixabay

Best Travel Destinations of the Reopened Europe to add in Vacation Plan

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 26, 2020

Vacations have been on a new dull in light of the recent pandemic. While safety protocols are still to be complied with, there are some good spots that have reopened in Europe ready for you to visit.

Here is a list of some suitable reopened Europe destinations that you can add to your Vacation Plan 

1. Austria

Austria is one of the first European countries to have reopened for visits without any quarantine or testing period for Europeans. Famous for its castles, palaces and other architectural wonders, this is a good choice for your post-COVID vacation. Popular destinations like Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vienna and Hallstatt are worth the tread. Pick out some palaces and museums that spark your attention and book a trip to Austria!

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

In mid-July, all travel bans were lifted off from visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina. With alleys rich with old mosques and churches, the place oozes out diversity in the population. You can bank on some solid destination stops including Mostar, Sarajevo, Medugorje, Blagaj and Jajce. Enriched with bridges, waterfalls, castles and soaring towards, a true display of culture can be the refreshing experience you have been longing for throughout the lockdown!

3. Croatia

Croatia is known for its rustic charm and authentic vibe. Visit ancient ruins and old town beaches to become one with their ways of living. Zagreb being the capital city, and hub holds a plethora of cultures waiting for you to experience. The alpines ranging alongside the Lakeland national park are an escape to nature that is much desired currently. Visit the artistic arches of Dubrovnik and the coastal ruins at Split in Croatia for the package experience!

4. Estonia

If you want a fun trip to rocky terrains and fresh beaches, make a trip to Estonia. Famous for its medieval architecture, a number of interesting stops such as the Tallinn Church, Saaremaa craters and the University of Tartu make it to the go-to list. Parnu is an interesting stop with its beaches and villas dating back to the 19th century. Haapsalu castles and museum are quite the attraction for the history fanatic. Unravel the facades of city life on your trip to Estonia!

5. Ireland

If you’re the one to party hard, Ireland is your go-to. With a junction of world-class beer and whiskey, the Irish delights are truly well known. Other than the country life, a variety of major spots make it to the checklist. The Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Connemara National Park and Aran Islands are some to surely visit. Visit today to get a true taste of the Irish culture!

6. Germany

Want to enjoy some picturesque places as well as get a glimpse of local life? Germany is the place for you. Visit Munich and Frankfurt for some scenic serenity. Art and life in the old town of Cologne can be followed by the Nuremberg Castle visit. Visit Prague and the Old Town Square with a stroll across the Charles Bridge. Book your Prague to Berlin train tickets to get back on the road! At Berlin, you can relish the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall. Find art, architecture, museums, outdoor recreation and much more in Germany!

While no one knows how long it might take to get those places that you always wanted to visit checked out of your list. However, here are some places you can visit possibly sooner and maybe you didn’t know you wanted to! Book your tickets at Rail.Ninja and get started today. There’s a lot to explore, and a you can do it now!


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