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Keeping Things Hot: 5 Sex Tips for Spicing up Your Relationship

By  Sep 16, 2020

Feeling adventurous? There are plenty of ways you can spice up the sex in your relationship. Read on to learn 5 hot sex tips to try with your partner.

Are you looking for ways to keep things exciting and bold in bed? Do you want to add a bit of spontaneity to you and your spouse's sex life? If so, then you need to look into different sex tips that can help you liven things up!

There's no one correct way to spice up your sex life. As long as you and your spouse take the time to talk about what interests you have and what turns you on, the rest will fall into place.

Like anything else in a relationship, sex is all about give and take. See below for several ways to get more adventurous in your sex life.

1. Be Brave Enough to Get Kinky

If you're being absolutely honest with yourself right now, there are sexual fantasies that you have in which you're too shy to share with your spouse. You're afraid that they'll tell you "no" or give you a weird look after you tell them.

However, that (more than likely) goes both ways. There are likely sexual fantasies they have that you didn't know about as well.

For that reason, you have to be prepared to get braver and kinkier to satisfy the needs and desires of both you and your spouse.

Start by setting a judge-free zone for conversation. If there's anything they desire that you're uncomfortable doing, then try to find an alternative option for it.

For example, if your spouse is interested in receiving a golden shower, but you're uncomfortable with doing it, then look into a whizzinator to meet in the middle. Be sure to look up the whizzinator price and details to learn more.

2. Fake an Affair

Commitment can be one of the biggest complications to your sex life. Your physical attraction to other people doesn't automatically disappear once you get married or become involved in a serious relationship.

Spoiler alert: that temptation will always be there. While sex is an important part of life, it isn't everything. Don't let it get to a point where you have an affair and complicate your relationship.

However, the idea of having an affair can be somewhat arousing. It's so wrong, but Hollywood movies would make you think it feels so right. If you find yourself more and more tempted to find out what that feels like, express it to your spouse/partner.

You can get all of the same feelings of an affair that leads to sexual pleasure at the end of the night by faking one with your spouse.

Plan a time for you and your spouse to go on a date and let your imaginations run wild. Be sure to create a backstory for the date. For example, maybe you've both left your "spouses" at home to meet up. Perhaps you work together and the night ends in a hotel room.

You'll have all the excitement and intrigue of this "affair" leading up to the date itself. It can result in you and your partner going places sexually that you never previously imagined.

3. Put Sex on the Calendar

This might seem counterproductive to spicing up your sex life, but it's actually quite the opposite.

Ask 10 people they're top complaints about their current sex life, and most (if not all) will tell you that they wish they had more of it. The best way to prioritize more sex for you and your partner? Put it on the calendar!

Imagine going to work in the morning, knowing that you get to have sex that night. It will also give you more opportunities to feel each other out, try new positions, introduce more role play, and so on.

Talk to your spouse about how many times they want sex each week. Then make the schedule fit it. The unfortunate reality in most relationships is, if you don't fill their sexual needs, then someone else will.

4. Research New Positions and Fantasies

Not everyone has a vivid imagination. If you and your spouse fall under that category, then there are still ways to become more adventurous in your sex life.

It's like feeling as if you want to spice up your sex life, but you just don't know how. Take the time to research different things such as sex games, sex positions, and sexual fantasies online.

Have you and your spouse research individually to find different things that you might be interested in. Write down any that you're particularly fond of, then list them off to the other later on.

5. Get Frisky in the Shower

If you and your spouse aren't taking showers together on a frequent basis, then you're missing out on some key time.

Think about it: you're both standing there in a steamy shower with your clothes already removed. You're only a sexy kiss away from spicing things up.

You can offer to hand wash the other person with soap, leading to some sexy kissing on the way. You can take turns pleasing each other while sharing the same showerhead.

The possibilities in the shower are endless. All it takes is being brave enough to make the first move!

Use These Sex Tips as a Starting Point

Oh, the places that you and your spouse will go sexually if you start by using these sex tips as a launching point.

The number one thing in spicing up your sex life is having the courage to speak up. Your spouse/partner can never fully please you if they don't know what your sexual fantasies are. Reiterate how important those are to them. Odds are that they'll enjoy it too!


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