Friday, 18 September 2020

Ikea to open first second-hand shop at the end of this year

By  Sep 14, 2020

Ikea will open its first second-hand furniture store in Sweden at the end of the year, the company announced at the end of last week, announcing a complete transition to a circular business by 2030.

The store opens in the world's first 'second-hand' shopping centre ReTuna, in the city of Eskilstuna.

Ikea has previously announced that it will start renting and recycling furniture around the world as part of its environmental campaign to respond to criticism that its model of cheap furniture production is over-consuming and generating large amounts of waste.

The company will seek to reduce its climate impact by an average of 70 percent per product by 2030, and has already embarked on repairs and repackaging of products that are damaged in transportation. It will also allow customers to return products, including furniture, that will be put back on sale or donated to charities.

In 2019, Ikea launched a pilot furniture leasing project in some markets.


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