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US Visa Requirements for Croatian Citizens Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

US Visa Requirements for Croatian Citizens

Written by  Sep 11, 2020

Traveling to the USA is only possible if you are eligible and if you have the right documents to do so. The US is implementing strict rules and screening processes for citizens of other nations before they are allowed to enter the country. Even the countries under the VWP or Visa Waiver Program have to meet certain criteria so they can earn the membership. The good news for the people of Croatia is that their country may soon become a member of this program, a great benefit for its citizens as they can already enjoy visa-free travel to the US soon.

Current Status of Croatia

Citizens of Croatia need to fulfill all the requirements of a Visa application to be able to travel to the US. Since this country is not a member of the Visa Waiver Program, they have to go through a long process to obtain a visa. This is about to change, though, as Croatia is already on the verge of fulfilling one of its last criteria. The Croatian government is keen currently working on lowering the visa refusal rate, which means that they have to decrease it to the minimum. In the past years, they were able to reduce their rate from 5.9% to 4%. The target rate is below 3%, which means that they are already on their way to achieving that. It will be easy for them to become a member of the VWP once they successfully get this done.

Visa Requirements for Croatians

The first thing you have to prepare in preparing for your visa application is a valid Croatian passport. It means that it still has another 6 months before expiration. You can find the other requirements from their website, which includes all the documents you need to provide, like a nonimmigrant visa application form, a recent photo, and a birth certificate, among others. Once Croatia is approved to be part of the VWP program, they would only need to submit a form online as seen on, and they can do this a day before their departure. You would also need to visit the embassy to submit your requirements and process the application. Other materials that should be printed out from the website should be brought with you as you go to the US Embassy for the interview. 


Photo - Agus Dietrich on Unsplash

Other Reminders When Traveling

When traveling to the US, do not forget to prepare all the documents you need before leaving the airport, most especially your visa. You are going to be instantly denied travel once you forget this document. Make sure you have done everything right when you apply for the visa because it can affect the application of the whole country to the VWP should you fail to successfully obtain one.

With the imminent inclusion of Croatia to the VWP program, the citizens of the country can already enjoy traveling by ESTA application. Through this, they can already avoid the long and tedious process of visa application and requirements. More people can travel to the US and enjoy what the country has to offer.

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