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Popular Old Wives Tales In Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 01, 2020

Different places have different superstitions that have been intertwined with their tradition, being passed from one generation to another. These superstitions, otherwise referred to as old wives' tales, often have no scientific basis, but people still follow them, perhaps because it is what their mothers or grandmothers inculcated in them. Croatia is one of the countries that is rich in old wives' tales, and below are some of them.

Superstitions related to health


Superstitions related to health

1 - Sitting on concrete is taboo.

2 - You should not walk with bare feet.

3 - You cannot go out with wet hair

Croatians believe that if you sit on bare concrete, then you can get sick and hurt your back, which is why they are quick to offer something to sit on should they see a person sitting on concrete. Additionally, you should not walk with bare feet, particularly on a cold floor because you will get a cold. Also, going out with wet hair will lead to ailments that you will not immediately encounter, but will experience when you get old.

All these are old wives' tales that are related to the health of a person, and while there is no evidence that doing these things can cause harm to your health, you won’t lose anything in following it. When you do get sick, just make sure that you have the proper coverage. The experts behind Compare The Market suggest that you should consider getting yourself private health insurance that covers the expenses you have to pay as an in-treatment patient, as well as the expenses you incur outside the hospital. In doing so, you will be able to focus on your healing and recovery, rather than on the amount of money that you have to shell out.

Superstitions related to plants

A four-leaf clover will bring you luck.

Getting hit by a branch is an indication that someone loves you.

You should eat the first violet that you find in spring.

In terms of the clover, some believe that more leaves bring more good luck. However, this is only true for a four, six, eight, or nine leaves, because if you find a clover that has five or seven, instead of luck, you will encounter a great misfortune. Conversely, you should not run over the branch that hit you, but rather, you should put it away by hand. Finally, when you eat the first violet that you find in spring, your loved ones will love you even more. Of course, all these have no basis, but there is also nothing wrong if you still believe them nonetheless.

Superstitions related to plants


To wrap things up, old wives' tales may still be popular in this modern-day and age and people may still choose to follow them. As long as it poses no harm, there is nothing wrong in following them, after all, these have been part of the tradition and culture. The key is in being able to recognize when to know better instead of continuing to follow the superstitions that have been part of you as you were growing up.



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