Friday, 18 September 2020
Austrian Chancellor states that next summer the situation will normalise Flickr

Austrian Chancellor states that next summer the situation will normalise

By  Aug 28, 2020

Austrian Conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in Vienna on Friday that he expects the situation to normalize in the summer of next year, after a severe autumn and winter marked by the coronavirus pandemic, reports N1.

"In short, I would say based on what we know today, that it is likely that next summer could be normal and that it should be," he told reporters.

"But at the same time, it must be clear to us that the coming months will be difficult. The beginning of the school year, winter and numerous activities are moving from outside to closed. And the flu wave is coming," he added.

Austria wants to avoid new general movement bans and intends to step up infection prevention, while the number of those infected is rising from a record more than 300 new cases a day this week following the phasing out of measures.

Vienna made a decision to restrict movement very early, in mid-March, and began easing measures from mid-April, first by opening shops, then cafes, restaurants and theatres, to determine in July the obligation to wear masks in shops.

Austria, with its high-quality hospital system, has so far been relatively spared by the coronavirus pandemic compared to other European countries. From the outbreak of the epidemic to Friday, the disease has killed 733 people in the country.


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